The Disgraceful State of Our Government

The WSJ led an editorial with the following:

Perhaps you missed it, but then so did the Washington press corps. Late last week the Congressional Budget Office released its preliminary budget tallies for fiscal year 2010, and the news is that the U.S. government had another fabulous year—in spending your money. We didn’t expect President Obama to hold a press conference, but why are Republicans so quiet?

The increase in spending was 21.4% as shown in the table to the right. Note that defense spending increased too much, but it was the lowest increase of all the categories. All of this is before the bills from ObamaCare start rolling in.

As outrageous as the spending was, the silence of the Republicans is just as troubling. Why are we not hearing about this from them? Are they inept as politicians? Or is it the Angelo Codevilla problem manifest?

November 2 is important, but it is merely a first step. One of our political parties may have to disappear for the other one to get the message that the American people are trying to send. So be it.

Better yet, two new parties might be more appropriate. How about the Constitution Party and the Tea Party?

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