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Taxation as Theft

The case for taxation being robbery is summarized below and relies on Frank Chodorov’s work. For those not familiar with the logic of this position, you may be interested in reading this and Chodorov.

Taxation: Call It What It Is

by Nicholas Snow

It is often said there are two things in life that are unavoidable: death and taxes. Both are things most of us would gladly pass up if we had the chance but taxes are often seen, by many people, as necessary.

The government needs money to operate after all. and It has three options for financing, it can tax us, borrow, or print more money. But the latter two are just different forms of taxation. Borrowing is a future tax and inflation is a hidden tax because it lowers the value of each dollar we hold. So, taxation is how the government gets what it needs to pay for police, courts, national defense, welfare programs, the post office, infrastructure, schooling, college, creating jobs (like paying people to chase tumbleweeds on windy days during the great depression), inspect our food, employ individuals to collect the taxes, take censuses, etc. Money, after all, does not grow on trees (though our current fiat standard is made from trees).

Beyond taxes being our share of the governments activities, what exactly are they? According to Frank ChodorovTaxation is Robbery! But is he right? Well if we look

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