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An Overview of What is Coming

Bill Bonner is an astute observer of economic conditions and where they likely lead. A series of videos provides you (I believe) an accurate picture of what is coming for the US economy and its citizens. Few people are willing to speak out about the sad state of this nation. Even fewer are able to explain it as clearly and concisely as Mr. Bonner. You don’t need a degree in economics or even any college courses to understand his message.

I should note that Mr. Bonner is looking for subscribers, but that is not why I recommend his presentation. It is a layman’s introduction to the inevitable results of bad economic policies. What lies ahead is unlike anything you have seen or likely imagined. You owe it to yourself and your family to understand the future. It will be unlike anything ever seen in this country before. (Note that there is nothing unique about what is coming. Other countries around the world have experienced these outcomes.)

Understand the likely outcomes and protect yourself and your family as well as you can!

I highly recommend his presentation. I am not a subscriber but that does not mean you should not be. Regardless, watch his presentation and heed his suggestions, predictions and warnings! He knows of what he speaks!

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