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Covid as the Cardiff Giant

Time and the slow revelation of data are proving lethal to the Covid pandemic. Either government health authorities are as inept as the Keystone Cops or government has been using Covid as the Cardiff Giant.

Today we learn that the FDA Limits J&J’s COVID-19 Vaccine Over Blood Clot Risk. Where has this protective agency been? Its purpose is to protect us against dangerous medicines. For most of its history, its cautiousness arguably killed more people than it saved by making it too difficult to get new medicines approved in a timely manner. With Covid, it appears that panic and politics, rather than science, dictated decisions.

The data appears slowly. Is that because it hides a monumental scandal? Despite attempts to censure or penalize those who attempt to present the facts, it appears that the dam holding back the information is/has broken. Initial data are so egregious that they are overwhelming the censorship efforts.

How this finally plays out is difficult to assess. One side, despite extreme harassments and penalties, seems to have gained the upper hand. This side deals with the medical data and its interpretation. The other side, power not science, has little interest in releasing or exploring the data. It is engaged in preventing the science access to the data.

Fortunately, for the country, some data are coming out. The initial indications are not favorable for government and its response. Ted Noel, a physician, summarizes some of what is know:

 I’ll simply leave you with a set of bullet points, all supported by large volumes of scientific data.

  • COVID-19 is a mild disease with almost zero mortality for people under age 55.
  • Serious co-existing disease is the best predictor of mortality in all age groups.
  • Public masking has zero effect on transmission of airborne diseases, including COVID.
  • The “vaccines” do not protect you from getting COVID or transmitting COVID. They do not lessen the severity of COVID when you get it. That is a result of the newer variants being less severe to start with. The vaccines and boosters are directed at a disease that doesn’t exist anymore.
  • The “vaccines” reduce your immunity, making you more likely to catch symptomatic disease. This also makes it much easier for numerous cancers to grow.
  • Natural immunity from disease recovery is far better than any supposed benefit of shots. If you got the vaccine and then got sick, your immunity afterward is less than if you didn’t get the shot at all.
  • Remdesivir (Fauci gets $$ when it’s used) does not improve survival and probably causes other problems.
  • Molnuvirapir, the new oral agent, isn’t as effective as Ivermectin, which the CDC steadfastly refuses to support. If you do get sick, get immediate treatment with Ivermectin. If your illness is from a different virus, it will probably help against that as well.
  • Locales that opened up early generally have disease and death rates better than others.
  • The safest place is outdoors, where the sun destroys viruses and they are dispersed into infinity.

I’m sure I left something out, but I’ll leave you with a couple of key items. First, don’t get the shot. It has no benefits and a host of bad effects I don’t have space to talk about. Second, take vitamin D3 and zinc. They have been shown to reduce viral infections a lot. Third, get a stock of Ivermectin. If you do get sick, start it immediately on your way to your urgent care. And don’t stop taking it even if they say to. They can lose their licenses if they agree with you taking it.

Government-based authorities are lying to us. I know that’s strong, but it’s the truth. The version of COVID that’s around now is a minor illness that is largely preventable and easily treated. That is a far better choice than getting a potentially deadly shot that a bunch of power brokers love. There will be many more variants, but the final variant is communism.

Ted Noel MD is a retired Anesthesiologist/Intensivist who podcasts and posts on social media as DoctorTed and @vidzette. His DoctorTed podcasts are available on many podcast channels.

What happens as this apparent “Cardiff Giant” comes more clearly into view. What happens if forces (government, the pharmaceutical industry and other powerful players)  colluded or conspired to engineer a pandemic? How do people react if it is determined that this Cardiff Giant was no more dangerous than the annual flu? (As an aside, Covid appears to have “cured” the flu, at least in terms of reported cases.)

As in other government scandals (if indeed this is shown as such), it will likely be swept under the rug. What would investigators find if they honestly pursued the truth? History suggests that they will not and the horrific damage caused by this fiasco will go unpunished.

The fact that government is increasingly seen as a cause of crises rather than a cure for crises may just make this time different. The myth of government has lost its allure.

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