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Penn State as a Microcosm of Society

James Quinn on our social, political and ethical state:

We seem to have entered a death spiral with little likelihood of pulling out. Our society has become so degraded and our populace so apathetic and willfully ignorant, that I think we are too far gone to recover. Honesty, truth and compassion have been soundly defeated by injustice, lying and greed. Our technologically advanced society has become a stinking cesspool, devoid of humanity, common sense and morality. Those with the power and wealth who control our country do not concern themselves with quaint concepts like good and evil, right and wrong, or moral and immoral. Sociopaths see no obligation to society, humanity, or posterity. They only care about themselves, their wealth, their status, their reputation, and their control of others. They are incapable of feeling shame or remorse. They blindly march forward towards their own and society’s self-destruction.

I urge you to read the full Quinn article, although must warn you that his piece uses Penn State as an archetype. For fans and admirers of Joe Paterno and the school, it will not be an easy read. So be it!  His point is much larger than Penn State.

2 thoughts on “Penn State as a Microcosm of Society”

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  2. “The lack of critical thinking skills and the overwhelming effects of media propaganda has so degraded the intelligence of the populace that when the system breaks down in the next few years, the masses will clamor for a savior rather than seeking truthful answers and willingly making the sacrifices required to get our nation back on track. This country will get what it deserves – a despotic ruler and a brutish civilization governed on the basest of principles.” -a quote from the last paragraph of the article.

    I was thinking yesterday while I was driving about OWS and how the democrats fit in. The movement will fall apart, as it appears to be doing now. While the MSM has sugar coated and protected the movement so far, the truth about it and what has gone on in these OWS camps will eventually perculate through society and the majority support it seems to have now according to polling will plummet. Surely the democrats know this so why have they embraced it? If there’s one thing we can say about liberals is that they are persistant and keep a long view in mind. A good article in American Thinker this morning, “What the Conservative Movement Can Learn from the Democrats after the Ohio Failure” by Abie Rubin, discusses their tenacity. (I’ve been excommunicated from posting comments on AT, but that’s another story). I think that democrats have embraced them because they do have that long view in mind. The OWS message is essentially liberalism personified. Anti-capitalist, anti-Israel, immoral, beastly, your opening quote from the article above well captures the wall streeters and liberalism in general.

    Liberalism has indeed left its deep and black mark on the American soul. Liberals control virtually every institution in America, including our religious system. The end game for liberalism is the final overthrow of our nationh, when the liberal elite believe they will rule. OWS lays the groundwork for civil strife and violence. Liberals must be sitting back smiling as they see law and order go out the window, these these city governments refusing to deal with them, they act like sheep and all the while polling shows majority support for this scum!! Whether the economic SHTF next month, next summer or in five years, dems and liberals see our nation poised to accept French Revolution II with hardly a whimper. Obama is a community organizer, a rabble rouser and he sees his trade being played out on the biggest stage of all, our entire country.

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