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Governments Forced into Pain

Here are some links regarding the economy from Chris Martenson‘s site from April 21.

Welcome to the new reality. These adjustments are long overdue and are forced on governments that have long lived beyond their means.

It is likely that all of these cuts are merely small down payments for what is truly needed. Many people recognize that the world has changed. Governments are the last to react.

More Than 1,300 San Jose Employees Receive Layoff Notices

The notices affect 1,123 full-time employees — more than a sixth of the full-time workforce — across all city departments, from police to parks to libraries, said Mark Danaj, the city’s human resources director. The city manager’s proposed budget, which will be released May 3, is expected to eliminate 644 filled positions.

Because of civil service rules and union seniority rights, an employee whose position has been cut may take the job of another worker who has worked fewer years for the city, setting off a cascade of “bumping” that can take weeks to sort out.

Layoff Notices Sent To 2,000 Detroit Teachers

About 2,000 Detroit Public Schools teachers have received layoff notices as the district’s financial manager continues to pare down a $219 million budget deficit. Steve Wasko, a spokesman for Robert Bobb, confirms Tuesday that notices have been mailed but says many teachers likely will be returned to work.

U.S. Public Schools Face Threat Of Tens Of Thousands Of Layoffs

Prince George’s County schools plan to cut 800 positions, many through layoffs, in the third straight difficult budget for a school system that is battling to improve uneven academic performance. That will mean an average of 29 students per class, up from 27, in the coming school year. p>

How To Eat Well On A Food Stamp Budget

At the end of last year, roughly 1 in 8 Americans received food stamps, the highest rate ever. Though not everyone succeeded in staying within budget, the lessons learned were universal. All three said planning and careful shopping were key, as was a willingness to recast leftovers. They also championed chicken as an inexpensive and versatile protein.

Tax-Weary New Jersey Voters May Reject School Budgets

Christie, a Republican who took office Jan. 19, said voters should nix budgets in districts where unionized employees refuse to take pay freezes to help solve the funding crisis. Residents should be outraged that teachers get average raises of 4 percent to 5 percent and free or low-cost health care, he has said.

“The unions have pushed us to the breaking point,” said Bob Bailey, 60, a corporate administrator from Millstone Township who said his annual property-tax bill is $13,000.

Lawsuits Over Illinois Budget Mess Could Be Coming

Thousands of state vendors could face the prospect of having to go to court to collect money they are owed by the state.

In a memo to legislative leaders Tuesday, Gov. Pat Quinn acknowledged the possibility that the state’s budget mess could force angry vendors to file lawsuits with the Illinois Court of Claims this fall…. As of Tuesday, the state owed $4.5 billion to individuals and companies that sell products and services to the state.

INDIANA: School Board Wades Into Budget Details (Indiana County)

This is the year retirement fund contributions will increase from 4.78 percent of employee salaries to 8.22 percent. The rate jumps to 10.59 percent for 2011-12, then to 29.22 percent in 2012-13.

Translated to dollars for the school district: The 2009-10 contribution is $1.1 million, which increases to $1.9 million in 2010-11, then to $2.6 million and $7.5 million the next two years.

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