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Massachusetts from a Seinfeld Perspective

In a post on November 19 entitled Another Failed Presidency, I stated:

At this point they [politicians] are trying to decide what is least dangerous for their individual careers. For the Republicans that probably means pouring gasoline on ship Obama. For the Democrats, it is a more difficult problem. Ultimately, I believe they will abandon the rotting ship. Politicians of both parties are like rats; they are survivors. All politicians will take that course which they believe gives them the best chance for individual survival. Loyalty be damned.

The comedy show Seinfeld becomes popular.
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The Massachusetts’ election was the bell for the rats to abandon ship.

Massachusetts and its aftermath might have been the worst political nightmare for Larry David and other writers of the Seinfeld show. It was probably unimaginable, yet they managed to write what might be a near- perfect allegory for the event. It involved George Costanza at a children’s birthday party.

The key scenes, which can be viewed here, provide a humorous parallel to Democrat reactions to Massachusetts.


The preliminary conversation between Costanza (Democrats) and the Clown (Republicans) is indicative of the lack of communication and cooperation between the two parties. When smoke is discovered, George bolts for the exit, knocking down children, mothers and the elderly as he tries to save himself.  The allegory only becomes richer when Costanza lies and rationalizes his behavior to the police, a process that Democrats now face when explaining their change of course.

The ultimate irony is that few associated with the Seinfeld show would appreciate the humor. Yet, once again, the show forces us to recognize our own foibles through its absurd scenes and characters. To me, it is the perfect microcosm for what our political class (or lack of class) has devolved into.

It is now apparent that this President has failed, superbly and unequivocally. Even Democrat epigones know it. Before the evacuation of Obama’s ship is complete, it is likely that we will see Democrat behavior that makes George Costanza appear heroic.

The only happy Democrat today is Jimmy Carter. He probably senses the chance to pass his heavy mantle of “worst President in my lifetime” on to “The One.”
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1 thought on “Massachusetts from a Seinfeld Perspective”

  1. Worst President, yes, but…

    Garet Garrett
    ‘Worse outwitted were those who kept trying to make sense of the New Deal from the point of view of all that was implicit in the American scheme, charging it therefore with contradiction, fallacy, economic ignorance, and general incompetence to govern…but it never intended to make that kind of sense. Its meaning was revolutionary and it had no other.
    In a revolutionary situation mistakes and failures are not what they seem. They are scaffolding. Error is not repealed. It is compounded by a longer law, by more decrees and regulations, by further extension of the administrative hand….When you have passed one miracle you have to pass another one to take care of it, so it was with the New Deal.’

    Obama and his Obots thought they could pull off a Roosevelt. Any why wouldn’t they? They have the playbook. But now it seems the revolution should have stayed with the same lower profile, keeping to momentum and the long view (but there is no glory), piling up points for our inevitable end. To which end Palin is campaining for McCain. Oh joy.

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