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Martenson Sees No Recovery

Here is a good collection of articles from Chris Martenson’s site. These articles show no green shoots, and in no way are consistent with what the government wants you to believe. There is no recovery coming. See recent post about 2010 will be worse.

Take a look at Chris’ site. Be sure to watch “The Crash Course” that he provides online. It will provide a simple and thorough explanation as to why we are here and why getting out the hole is not simple (and I would say, not possible). He also provides good information as to how you might protect yourself and your family in the free “Crash” video.

Daily Digest – January 6

Wednesday, January 6, 2010, 11:01 am, by saxplayer00o1
  • Contracts down: Is housing headed for double-dip?
  • Pump prices on pace to top 2009 high by weekend
  • GMAC Says Lender Will Post $5 Billion Quarterly Loss
  • Silicon Valley ‘Bloodbath’ Leaves Buildings Empty
  • Manhattan Apartment Prices Fall as Finance Jobs Lost
  • Fed may re-enter MBS market later in 2010
  • TrimTabs suggests government manipulated stocks
  • Medicaid Long-Term Care Spending Tops $106 Billion
  • Missouri revenue drops in December, more budget cuts coming
  • U.S. business bankruptcies rise 38% in 2009
  • Homelessness and cold weather have shelters at capacity
  • Unemployment spikes demand for Census jobs
  • Promise to Trim Deficit Is Growing Harder to Keep
  • US public pensions ‘facing $2,000bn shortfall’
  • Over $26 billion borrowed by states for unemployment benefits
  • U.S. Budget Deficit May Exceed $1 Trillion for Years, Kos Says

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