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Inflation or Deflation

InflationPrices do not all move in the same direction or at the same time. That is pointed out in the quote below:

“Investors who believe we are living in a deflationary period should ask themselves a simple question: why are grocery prices and gas prices and hairdressing prices and insurance costs continuing to rise? What investors fail to understand is that price deflation is very different from asset depreciation. Asset depreciation (stock and real estate prices falling) has a negative wealth effect, but no effect on purchasing power. Price deflation, on the other hand, has a positive purchasing power effect. None of us can say our purchasing power is increasing, despite the recent negative CPI numbers. Price deflation is nowhere to be seen at this point. Since 1971, when the world went to a pure fiat monetary system controlled by central banks, currency in all countries has lost purchasing power. In Canada and the US it is down over 80 percent.”

To read more, see  The Next Crisis – Nick Barisheff who presents an argument for Inflation.

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