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Corruption Rules: Stimulus Fraud

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Investors Business Daily discusses the phony and now possibly criminal “jobs saved” numbers.

The Administration pathetically claimed that 640,000 jobs were “saved.” The “jobs saved” concept was a desperate attempt to convert a disaster into a success. After promising that unemployment would not exceed 8% (it is now at 10.2% and still rising), a political smokescreen had to be created to cloud the failure of their economic policies. The invented concept has never before been used. It has no meaning, is useless and has no possible means of honest measurement. Apparently the deception did not sit well with many citizens that dug into the reported numbers: “To our knowledge, however, none of the errors was found by an inspector general. All were discovered by private individuals curious about what their tax dollars were being spent on.” As a result, it appears as though the stimulus program was riddled with fraud. To read the IBD article, go here.

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