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JP Morgan the New Lehman Brothers?

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Hope and Change in the Banking System seems to be “hope” that the system can get through this economic cycle while “change” is non-existent. “Too big to fail” creates incentives for risk-taking that would not occur in a true free market. Taxpayers underwriting risk and backstopping failure ensure that firms will take on more, rather than less, risk.

Legislated rules need to be imposed to contain excessive risk-taking based upon taxpayer guarantees. While a truly free market could handle this better than legislation, there appears to be zero hope for that occurring. Thus, a reinstatement of Glass-Steagall or its equivalent is necessary. Without some type of legislation, we are merely waiting for the next crisis to occur. With it, crises will still occur, but they should be more manageable.

The return to risky behavior is already underway. An analysis of JP Morgan’s recent financial results by concludes:

You might as well label JP Morgan the new Lehman Brothers because they are operating like an investment bank.  So much for those bailouts helping the average American.  The media really needs to scrutinize how these companies make their earnings.  They are simply using hot and easy money to double down in the Wall Street casino on the taxpayer dime.  No reform has happened since the collapse of Wall Street because these banks own our politicians.

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