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United States

Government Efficiency

Gary North provides the QOTD: When a profit-seeking firm sees that no one wants its services, it finds ways to lower prices and improve services. The United States Postal Service does what government agencies do: it raises prices and cuts services.


I am not a prepper in the traditional sense of stockpiling food, guns and the like (although my wife has some tendencies in that direction). I have always considered myself a financial prepper, however.  Is there a disconnect between being… Read More »Prepping

Humor — New Pistol

Ruger is coming out with a new pistol in honor of the United States Senate and House of Representatives. It will be named the “Congressman.” It doesn’t work and you can’t fire it.    

A View From Afar

A friend of this site and occasional contributor is P. W. Dunn. Mr. Dunn blogs at He left the US in response to rising taxes and decreasing freedoms. Here are some pertinent comments from his vantage point in Canada: New… Read More »A View From Afar

Bigger Hangover Ahead

Almost one year ago (Nov. 3, 2011), I published a piece entitled Hangover From Hell that was highly critical of the approach to economic policy being applied around the world. Sadly, the policies have not changed since that article. Nor… Read More »Bigger Hangover Ahead

Kryptonite? No, Just Basic Math

Doug Ross expands on my recent piece regarding the bankruptcy of government and how that will destroy the country. I particularly enjoyed the image below. Kryptonite to Democrats You and I know it as math. Monty Pelerin, writing at American Thinker, offers some… Read More »Kryptonite? No, Just Basic Math