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Does No One Care?

As the US citizenry loses freedom after freedom, few notice or care. Nothing, in my opinion, illustrates the uselessness of our political system and political class than the lack of response to the massive acquisition of firepower by the Department… Read More »Does No One Care?

More Signs Of Tyranny

According to David Bard, the civil unrest that many of us fear is almost upon us..The US military has been training for this event. The following excerpt is from Mr. Bard's article: I spoke with a high-ranking, military source in DHS.  … Read More »More Signs Of Tyranny


I am not a prepper in the traditional sense of stockpiling food, guns and the like (although my wife has some tendencies in that direction). I have always considered myself a financial prepper, however.  Is there a disconnect between being… Read More »Prepping

The Duplicity Never Stops

As Claude Rains might say: “I’m shocked. Shocked!” That was my reaction upon hearing that the GM bailout didn’t quite go as Obama promised it would. When he made the “investment” it was doubtful that he believed it would work… Read More »The Duplicity Never Stops

Bickering on The Titanic

Doug Ross has put the absurdities bandied about over the so-called fiscal cliff into proper perspective. What is going on is a political charade that has little to do with the financial health and viability of the country. The fiscal… Read More »Bickering on The Titanic

The New, And Worse, Watergate

American citizens died. The story behind the Benghazi tragedy needs to be revealed. Mainstream news, to get their candidate Barack Obama re-elected, largely ignored the tragedy of Benghazi and continue to do so. Each day we learn more disturbing facts about… Read More »The New, And Worse, Watergate

Gold Is An Answer

Gold-Based Currency: An Alternative to the Falling Dollar? Guest post by Jacob Harrison, of Australian Bullion Company. What do the U.S Republican Party, German banks and the Chinese government have in common? They are all calling attention to the increasing… Read More »Gold Is An Answer

Sovereign Weakness Everywhere

Recognize that ratings agencies are subject to political and other pressures. Their performance in the sub-prime debt crisis was criminal. With that in mind, imagine the political pressure to keep sovereign ratings overstated. Nevertheless, this chart looks dismal in spite… Read More »Sovereign Weakness Everywhere