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Jobs Report Is A Train Wreck

The report below is typical take-no-prisoners Karl Denninger's interpretation of the latest labor report. Contrary to the rose-colored paint that the media and Wall Street is attempting to smear on this pig, Denninger gets it right with this line: "This report… Read More »Jobs Report Is A Train Wreck

How Did We Make It?

How barbarous our youth! I wouldn’t trade a minute of it for today’s youth.

All Trade Is Good

Outsourcing is a good thing, despite our two presidential opponents excoriating each other over it. Harry Binswanger provides a defense for outsourcing in a recent Forbes article. Here is an excerpt from the article: Americanism means individualism, but “Hire American”… Read More »All Trade Is Good

Current InTrade Pricing Reflect Obama Re-election

Here is the history of the value of President Obama being re-elected: To interpret this chart, price is equivalent to percentage. So, the last trade reflected a 57% expectation of Obama’s re-election.

Critical: Dollar and Economy

2007 $1 Washington coin reverse.
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I have posted many articles recently regarding the dollar. That is because I consider it the key to understanding what is really happening in our country.

Here is an outstanding, must-read regarding the dollar and economy. Warning, it is long and more technical than some other articles you have been referred to, but worth investing some time to fully understand. In my opinion, the issues discussed in this article are key to understanding our current situation and the manner in which it resolves.

The Future of the Dollar

It is hard to imagine a happy future for the dollar, and I was going to say that before Robert Fisk published his The Demise of the Dollar, in which he describes secret talks among central bankers and finance ministers of various countries on how to move away from trading oil in dollars.

Read More »Critical: Dollar and Economy