Stock market

Picking Your Side As An Investor

The performance of the economy has been disappointing, but not the recent performance of the stock market. It has performed as if there are no economic worries at all. Is it seeing things that are not captured in current statistics? Is it forecasting a recovery? The answers to these questions are not answerable. Yet it appears that a recovery is necessary to [...]

A Madoff Market

Fantasy is fun while it lasts. But reality eventually intercedes and interferes with even the mildest fantasy. Those way out in fantasy land are especially vulnerable to disappointment. So it is for those betting on the stock market and an economic recovery.   More Bad Information There is no economic recovery despite all the media and Washington bravado. Just another sign is [...]

Let’s Eat The Rich

Hooray, the grand compromise (actually a total Republican surrender to Obama and Statism) has been reached. The stock market apparently endorses the deal, as it appears to be in a melt-up this first trading day of the New Year.  The euphoria of it all is enough to make H. L. Mencken marvel. In reality, no problem has been solved. Government [...]

The January Effect and The Fiscal Cliff

The year-end for 2012 has some unusual issues for stock market investors, especially those relating to the uncertainty regarding the fiscal cliff. The fiscal cliff is not an event that will cause the economy to implode (although it is doing quite nicely without any outside help). It is an event that can have profound effects on the stock market, however. [...]

You Haven’t Made Any Money In The Stock Market This Century

The new year is almost here. With it comes all kinds of resolutions to improve behavior, habits and results. For investors, it is a reasonable time to review performance. Did you do well this last year? Did you lose money? How might you have improved your performance? These questions are natural. What is not natural is the manner in which [...]

Bernanke’s QE Makes Matters Worse

The euphoria initially expressed by markets to unending Quantitative Easing (money printing) may be playing out. The last couple of days were mediocre in terms of stock market performance. For investors, it is a difficult time. Do you play for the inflation-induced bounce in stocks? That is the likely outcome, for a while, although recognize that it has nothing to [...]

More Sub-Prime Loans

Our entire economy is one big Potemkin Village. Nothing is as it appears — just the way politicians want you to see things. Jim Quinn reports on the latest economic/political scam — auto sales: Have you heard the news? Auto sales are booming. Total sales for the month of August were 1,285,202 vehicles, according to Autodata Corp, the highest monthly [...]

US “Prosperity”

Bill Bonner comments on the non-miracle of the US economy: The stock market began its epic march up the mountain in 1982. Since then, it’s gone up 13 times (as measured by the Dow). US GDP is up about 13 times too. But much of the “growth” in stocks and GDP in this period was phony. The tape measure, used [...]

Inevitably, It’s All Falling Apart

For a few years I have been warning that there can be no recovery. The passage of time has not changed my opinion but is beginning to change the opinions of others who previously believed the government recovery propaganda. Even Keynesians tip their hands as to the real state of the economy when they claim the stimulus was not big [...]

Stock Market No Place For Pros

There is, or should be, a great deal of unease with regard to our non-recovery. The average investor has had a nice recovery in the stock market, but the sophisticated investors recognize that recent results are likely much ado about nothing. As the Wall Street Journal reported in an article entitled You Hear That? It’s Quiet…Too Quiet: For many, this year’s [...]

Yesterday’s Stock Market Rally Courtesy of Government Ponzi

Yesterday was a big day in the stock market! The Central Banks of the world came to the rescue of Europe, at least that is what you are supposed to believe. In reality, nothing positive happened yesterday unless you were long the stock or commodities markets. The actions of the Central Banks signal how desperate the situation is. Nothing was done [...]

Gold Will Diverge From Stock Market

Bud Conrad believes that Gold can reach heights others do not even imagine. He lays out his case in a  lengthy analysis for those interested. In Mr. Conrad’s opinion, the case rests on the following: … until there are fundamental changes in government fiscal and monetary policies – and a recognition that the sovereign debt is unpayable and therefore needs to [...]