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How Does Your State Rank?

Freedom is a relative concept. Compared to other states in the US, how does your state rank in terms of various aspects of freedom? George Mason’s Mercatus Center has produced a chart that ranks states on different measures of freedom.

Boy King or Boy Dictator?

Tom Lester is an occasional contributor to this site. His contributions are always insightful and bring a different perspective. This latest deals with the tyranny that Obama assumes he is entitled to subject the rest of us to. The Boy… Read More »Boy King or Boy Dictator?

A Time For Choosing

The trends in this country are not sustainable. Either the people of the country give up their heritage of freedom or they do something to prevent it from being taken from them. The State shows no interest in slowing its… Read More »A Time For Choosing

Where Do We Go From Here…

This post from Tom Lester has more optimism than I am able to generate. While we may disagree on how optimistic we should be, Tom provides valuable observations and guidance at a time when those who understand this country and… Read More »Where Do We Go From Here…