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Another Voice For Liberty

Brian Wilson, a nationally-known radio personality, has begun the Libertas Media project. Mr. Wilson’s dream for this project is to provide an alternative to current news: What if there is a solution to the MSM dominance of information distribution? What… Read More »Another Voice For Liberty

Myth Versus Reality

It is difficult to communicate the seriousness of the economic problems that face the developed world. Our political masters have so screwed things up that there is no way out for us. They undoubtedly have made preparations to flee the… Read More »Myth Versus Reality

The Beast Is On The Prowl

As the economic collapse approaches, be aware that government will become more desperate and resort to measure(s) that will enable it to survive. The myth of government as a good, necessary and positive force in society is coming unraveled. To understand… Read More »The Beast Is On The Prowl

The Fiscal Cliff

All the hubbub about the fiscal cliff is just that — noise. The fiscal cliff has little to nothing to do with the financial and economic problems of the nation. It will be solved by raising the debt ceiling again… Read More »The Fiscal Cliff

Gun Laws and Crazies

I don’t like guns. I would prefer they didn’t exist. But they do and to pretend otherwise is foolish.  But to pretend that you can legislate away guns is equally foolish. “Crazies” exist and it is crazies not guns that… Read More »Gun Laws and Crazies