Opposing Views

No One-Armed Economists

The economics profession has little agreement on what should be done next. The WSJ discussed differences recently expressed: The all-too-frequent ability of economists to look at the same set of data and reach diametrically opposed interpretations and policy prescriptions was on full display Sunday. As part of a panel discussion at the National Association for Business Economics gathering in Denver, Stanford University [...]

American Attitudes per Gallup

An interesting Gallup poll regarding Americans attitudes toward Capitalism and Socialism. Contains addition information regarding business and government.  See here.

Warming Data Doesn’t Cooperate, Just Change It

Global warming data has not supported the enthusiasts’ claims for the last decade. Now it is looking like it might never have supported their claims until it was manipulated. Too soon to be definitive on this one, but it sure looks bad. If you can’t trust scientists whose role is to seek the truth, whom can you trust? November 21, [...]

Wisdom: Legislation and Corruptness

Image via Wikipedia Image via Wikipedia From the standpoint of economics, I don’t think I have ever seen a more harmful set of programs and policies. These started with Bush but have been taken to insane levels by Obama. It defies logic, economics, common sense and history to believe that these programs will help. If implemented and/or continued, they will [...]

Possible Armageddon per Julian Robertson

Here is a must-listen by Julian Robertson, a legend on Wall Street and a knowledgeable investor. The interview is quite straight-forward and frank and provides a good overview of the important forces in play. Not crazy about his global warming views.