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How Do You Like These Odds?

Many of us shake our heads in both amazement and fear for the future of our country. What is being done is not new. History is replete with examples of power-crazed fools implementing similar schemes to develop their personal views… Read More »How Do You Like These Odds?

Give Me My Country Back

A free and open society depends on tradition, customs, culture and law to maintain its condition. For a couple of hundred years the US came closest to achieving the near-perfect balance of freedom for its citizens. Slavery was an obvious… Read More »Give Me My Country Back

The Washington Cesspool

The disgrace that is Washington is unbelievable, at least to someone like me who has seen it in a different time. It never was “clean,” but it is now ethically and morally irreparable. Michael Payne of Op-Ed News describes the… Read More »The Washington Cesspool

Rand Paul on Obama

Rand Paul addresses Obama’s lies about spending:

Obama’s Inaugural Speech

The best, concise summary of Obama’s speech appeared in an editorial in the Wall Street Journal: Mr. Obama’s second inaugural was a clarion call to “collective action,” as he put it, and Tuesday’s speech showed what he thinks that should… Read More »Obama’s Inaugural Speech

Obama Gets An Earfull

Obama is trapped at the Prayer breakfast and has to listen to a speech which contains just the opposite of about every thing he believes. Wonderful body language on his part. Michelle is at least polite. Got to love it!… Read More »Obama Gets An Earfull


The President Makes His First Low Pass Over Texas