How Do You Like These Odds?

Many of us shake our heads in both amazement and fear for the future of our country. What is being done is not new. History is replete with examples of power-crazed fools implementing similar schemes to develop their personal views of Utopia. None ever succeeded. All made matters worse. Now, Barack Obama is trying to convince you that he knows [...]

Give Me My Country Back

A free and open society depends on tradition, customs, culture and law to maintain its condition. For a couple of hundred years the US came closest to achieving the near-perfect balance of freedom for its citizens. Slavery was an obvious and major flaw that eventually was overcome. There were other imperfections of course, but no other country ever approached the [...]

Bob Woodward Threatened By White House

Apparently, in classic Chicago-style thuggery, iconic reporter┬áBob Woodward was threatened by the White House for reporting that the sequester was President Obama’s idea. Truth should not be allowed to stand in the way for our Messiah-in-Chief. What else is being lied about or trampled in this man-child’s dream of turning the US into his own version of North Korea? Woodward [...]

President Obama’s Next Excuse

His shameful behavior reveals just how much he cares about the people he pretends to help and the country he pretends to lead. President Obama is inept, mendacious and destructive. In my opinion, his has been a failed presidency. Jimmy Carter must be relieved to be off the hook as “worst president of my lifetime.” For the rest of us, [...]

The Washington Cesspool

The disgrace that is Washington is unbelievable, at least to someone like me who has seen it in a different time. It never was “clean,” but it is now ethically and morally irreparable. Michael Payne of Op-Ed News describes the state of our political center as follows: There are almost no words by which to describe this current U.S. Congress [...]

Jefferson, Government and The People

Every elected official in Washington takes an oath to defend the Constitution. That oath says nothing about ignoring it or repealing it. The oath demands they enforce it. All have committed impeachable offenses by not doing so. All deserve to be removed from office! The Socialist strategy and those who condone it was anticipated from the beginnings of this country. [...]

The Statist of the Union Address

Ron Hart closes his recent column with this: Al Qaeda could not have done as much damage to the U.S. as this administration has, working to destroy our economy with a morass of entrenched bureaucracies. The terrorists can now retire. They set about to weaken and destroy America, which task is now in the capable hands of the Left. Here [...]

Obama’s Inaugural Speech

The best, concise summary of Obama’s speech appeared in an editorial in the Wall Street Journal: Mr. Obama’s second inaugural was a clarion call to “collective action,” as he put it, and Tuesday’s speech showed what he thinks that should mean in practice. “The American people don’t expect government to solve every problem,” he said, while proceeding to offer a [...]

Obama Gets An Earfull

Obama is trapped at the Prayer breakfast and has to listen to a speech which contains just the opposite of about every thing he believes. Wonderful body language on his part. Michelle is at least polite. Got to love it! Dr Carson Goes Off In Front Of President Barack Obama At Prayer Breakfast This Morning, Viral Video! (video) CURATOR: Josey [...]


The President Makes His First Low Pass Over Texas