Nobel Laureates

Keynes or Bastiat

The Broken Window Fallacy, debunked by Frederic Bastiat over 150 years ago, still reigns supreme in Keynesian economics. Some might call it the keystone of this brand of political-economic chicanery. It is the height of economic nonsense, yet supposedly intelligent and educated people In a modern day twist, Jason Kaspar channels his inner Bastiat and provides Keynesian “solutions” to our [...]

One Foreign Policy Disaster After Another

It is difficult to determine which foreign policy fiasco is our Nobel Laureate’s greatest achievement. Here is a quote from Ken Blackwell, a fellow at the National Academy of Public Administration and the Family Research Council: It would be hard to say which specific foreign policy of the Obama administration is worst. Iran sanctions? Russian relations? Attacks on Israel for [...]

Dilbert on the Economy

Dilbert agains shows that he has more forecasting ability than most Nobel laureate economists: