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How Do You Cure Stupid?

Cognitive dissonance takes on new meaning with this chart and article from directorblue. Or, perhaps I am being too kind. Judging from the numbers, we have between 37.4 and 52.3% of the population that can be classified as terminally stupid.… Read More »How Do You Cure Stupid?

Jobs Report Is A Train Wreck

The report below is typical take-no-prisoners Karl Denninger's interpretation of the latest labor report. Contrary to the rose-colored paint that the media and Wall Street is attempting to smear on this pig, Denninger gets it right with this line: "This report… Read More »Jobs Report Is A Train Wreck

The Fiscal Cliff

All the hubbub about the fiscal cliff is just that — noise. The fiscal cliff has little to nothing to do with the financial and economic problems of the nation. It will be solved by raising the debt ceiling again… Read More »The Fiscal Cliff

Going Down The Toilet

Preaching/warning about the impossibility of honoring our obligations is getting tiring for me. I can only imagine how readers must feel. Obviously they would like to hear some good news, although that is not possible given where we are. Rather… Read More »Going Down The Toilet

Obamanomics in Four Charts

Doug Ross has provided a simple four-chart summary of what has happened under Obamanomics. You might want to show these to your liberal friends and ask them for an explanation. If you know someone disconnected from politics, unmotivated to vote,… Read More »Obamanomics in Four Charts

Stocks Due For Downdraft?

Equity investors (stocks) should be very cautious. This week could be a bad one for stocks. Both the ECB and the Fed disappointed by not announcing new liquidity measures. There is no good news in economies, any economies. Why stocks… Read More »Stocks Due For Downdraft?