Progressives, The Constitution and Guns

To those of the leftist persuasion, the Constitution is an obstruction. Words written on old parchment by men long since dead should not get in the way of their modern ideas of “perfecting” society. These “progressives” know what is best for society. They are pragmatists, not bound by “obsolete” customs, laws or quaint traditions. They have the ability to improve, [...]

Santa Claus Politics

Our political system has deteriorated into two parties competing by playing Santa Claus against each other. The winner of elections is generally the party who successfully out-promised the other. The recent election was the most obvious and most blatant example of such behavior. Judge Napolitano described this behavior: What is going on is the present-day proof of the truism observed by [...]

Request From Readers

Reader Ken adds to Judge Napolitano’s list of “what ifs”: What if Fox were really, “fair and balanced”? What if a large percentage of the military realized their oath is to the Constitution rather than their superiors or even the President? What if enough of us believe the 10th Amendment is still relevant? What if We the People began living [...]

Judge Napolitano Calls Out The Government And The President

Judge Andrew Napolitano has always been a law and order guy. He understands the importance of the Constitution and that we become a dictatorship without it. He is very troubled by what is occurring, so much so that his outspokeness supposedly got his show removed from Fox News. If this is true and Fox News has caved to the Powers [...]

How our Constitution Came to Matter Little

For those wanting to learn more about the Constitution, Greg Ransom provides the following list of books: 1.  Mark Levin, Men in Black.  A great read surveying the evolution and subversion of the American Constitution. 2.  F. A. Hayek, The Constitution of Liberty.  A marvelous survey of the ideas embedded in the American Constitution. 3.  Christopher Wolfe, The Rise of Modern Judicial Review.  [...]