James Quinn

Zombies Are Destroying The Country

The deterioration in culture and tradition in America is truly mind-boggling, at least for one who has watched it for more than a half century. In my lifetime, we have gone from the so-called “Greatest Generation” to what might be described as the “Dependency Generation.” James Quinn, in his latest piece, provides a description of our current state: The majority [...]

Trust Is Gone

Capitalism and society run on trust. When that breaks down, so do markets and civility. In the extreme we describe such events using words such as collapse, depression, barbarism and the like. Trust is the shield that keeps us from needing these words. Is trust increasing or decreasing in our society? To anyone with his eyes open, the answer should [...]


James Quinn provides the third installment of his series on the middle class: This is the 3rd and final chapter of my series about the destruction of the middle class. In Part 1 of this series I addressed where and how the net worth of the middle class was stolen. In Part 2, I focused on the culprits in this grand theft and in [...]

“A lost decade of negative income growth for the average middle class family”

In a three-part series on Who Destroyed The Middle Class, James Quinn describes what has happened in the last ten years: When you dig into the charts and data supplied by the Federal Reserve generated report, the data which goes back to 2001 tells a story not addressed by the deceptive, manipulative, political propaganda that passes for investigative reporting by [...]

The Cancer In Our Cities

There is an underclass in our society that few know about, yet it is growing and it represents the future for an economy that has stopped growing and is beginning to shrink. It is a society that could never exist before the age of welfare and its pernicious effects. At its extremes it is almost sub-human in the sense that [...]

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

The contrast between what we see in our every day lives is not consistent with what government tells us is happening in the economy. The so-called recovery certainly doesn’t feel like one; it is certainly unlike any of the others over the last 50 or so years. If inflation is not a problem, one can only wonder how government obtains [...]

More Mencken and Obama

Recently I posted on how H. L. Mencken would have viewed our Obama problem. He would not have blamed Obama so much as the fools (voters) who put him in office. Mencken would have viewed Obama as a manifestation of Walt Kelly’s Pogo quote: “We have met the enemy and he is us!” Obama is nothing more than the inevitable manifestation [...]

Euro To Die This Year?

Phoenix Capital Research predicts the Euro won’t survive 2012. So does James Quinn in his annual forecast among many others. Most prognosticators deliberately provide a fuzzy time frame with their forecasts. It is prudent to do so. The prediction is likely true, although whether it will occur in 2012 or not is debatable. There is great staying power for governments and [...]

James Quinn on 2011

James Quinn reviews in detail his 2011 forecast in preparation for the publication of his 2012 forecast. His review of 2011 is a good summary of what actually occurred during the year and provides a preface for the new year. Regarding 2011, he states: Overall, my assessment of what would happen in 2011 wasn’t too far off. But, it was [...]

Penn State as a Microcosm of Society

James Quinn on our social, political and ethical state: We seem to have entered a death spiral with little likelihood of pulling out. Our society has become so degraded and our populace so apathetic and willfully ignorant, that I think we are too far gone to recover. Honesty, truth and compassion have been soundly defeated by injustice, lying and greed. Our [...]

Impending Doom According to Quinn

James Quinn always produces a compelling read. His latest represents a compendium of problems unlikely to be overcome. It is a thorough and depressing read of the fix this country is in. The problems are unsolvable. As stated by Mr. Quinn: When I started to detail the issues facing our country today, I expected to come up with 10 to [...]

Ben Bernanke Is A Bull And His World Is A China Shop

Hapless Ben Bernanke, in an effort to save the unsaveable, continues to pour liquidity into the system. Liquidity is the only thing that keeps the economy and the government from imploding.  It accomplishes nothing other than to “pretend and extend.” The economic debacle ahead cannot be avoided, only deferred. It provides those willing to understand more time to prepare. It [...]