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The Investor’s Dilemma

The performance in the stock market year-to-date has been unusually strong, especially so given the weak economic conditions of the country and the world. Financial assets have risen while economic conditions have been stagnant. How long can this divergence continue?… Read More »The Investor’s Dilemma

What Inflation?

Economists have frequently used the Big Mac Index to compare prices in different countries as a marker regarding exchange rates. It is nearly the perfect product as it is available nearly everywhere and quality and portion-controlled tightly by McDonalds Corporation.… Read More »What Inflation?

An Inevitable, Unhappy Ending

Tim Price offers some important observations in this article: Credit expansion, wrote the great Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises, is not a nostrum to make people happy. “The boom it engenders must inevitably lead to a debacle and unhappiness.” That seems… Read More »An Inevitable, Unhappy Ending

Inflation Is Theft and Fraud

Inflation, in a fiat currency world, is inevitable. It is not an economic inevitability but a political one. Politicians like to spend money and buy votes. They don’t like to raise taxes. A central bank makes it possible for them… Read More »Inflation Is Theft and Fraud

Our Fate Is Sealed

These four links from yesterday’s Drudge Report say it all: JOBLESS…  INFLATION… POVERTY… RECESSION… Five years into this mess and we are no closer to climbing out. Collapse of financial institutions was averted (temporarily?) by massive infusions of government and… Read More »Our Fate Is Sealed

Quote of The Day

Doug Casey commenting on the past and the future: What we experienced in the 1930s was a deflationary depression where billions of dollars were wiped out with a stock market collapse, bond defaults, and bank failures. Inflationary money that was… Read More »Quote of The Day