Income Disparities

Hoisington and Hunt Forecast 2011

Van Hoisington and Dr. Lacy Hunt are analysts worth listening to. In John Mauldin’s latest Outside the Box letter, they present seven reasons why economic growth in 2011 will be lower than 2010: First, fiscal policy actions are neutral for 2011. Second, state and local sectors will continue to be a drag on the economy and labor markets in 2011. [...]

Let Them Eat Widescreen TVs and I-Phones

The disparities in income between the lower and middle income Americans and those doing well continues to widen. In addition to the debt time-bomb, these income disparities represent another potential explosion. Ambrose Evans Pritchard provides some data: The retail data can be quirky but it fits in with everything else we know. The numbers of people on food stamps have [...]