A Tragic Abuse of Statistics

Thomas Sowell has always been a clear thinker. He is a brilliant economist who also applied his skills to social and ethnic issues which he has written on both domestically and internationally. His work is heavily empirical with findings that usually contradict convenient political myths. In this piece Dr. Sowell attacks “the hoax that¬†statistical differences in outcomes for different groups [...]

Happy Valentines Day Mr. Holder

See Valentines Day Card from Congressman Issa to Attorney General Holder. No indication as to whether it was sent with roses or candy.

Gun Runner Is Merely A Symptom of the Corruption

Can you imagine how the press would react if this dumb mismanaged program were implemented under George Bush or some other Republican? This take from reader JJC: Gun Runner is an issue is not going to go away. It is, by an order of magnitude, much worse than Watergate.   Gunner Runner, like Watergate involved corruption, obfuscation, bad judgement, and arrogant [...]