Health care

The Basics of Healthcare and Economics

J. R.Nyquist has written an excellent article on Healthcare. He summarizes quite nicely the economic aspects of healthcare and why soft-headed thinking, regardless of good intentions, produces bad results. He uses basic economics to describe why healthcare, as proposed, must fail. It cannot work in theory. And it cannot work in practice. Nothing the government has ever done has worked. [...]

Democrats seek distance from Obama as health care reform is revived

Image via Wikipedia There apparently is no limit to President Obama’s hubris and arrogance. He has gotten message after message on health care reform, yet insists on pushing forward with it. Polling data is overwhelming. Recent elections were likely referendums on his health care plan. From a political standpoint, there can be no more toxic issue for Democrats. Rasmussen’s latest [...]

Obama Denied Parole

As expected, the State of the Union (SOTU) speech was delivered with the usual élan from the gifted orator, President Obama. Unexpected, for most, was the content of the speech.  President Obama “doubled down” on policies soundly rejected by the American people. For a candidate who was so politically adept, his tone deafness in office is startling. From Jonah Goldberg: [...]

President Hoover’s State of the Union

I don’t know what President Obama will try to sell tonight in his State of The Union speech. I do know that what he says will have no relation to reality. But that could be said of any President in recent years with respect to this occasion. This particular President has speech-making skills that few of his predecessors had. He [...]

Healthcare Vaporizes Obama Presidency

Healthcare destroys a presidency and jeopardizes a political party. In the fledgling days of the personal computer industry, software vendors frequently announced products that were not yet ready for release. The term “vaporware” was coined to describe such software. Most of these products never reached the marketplace. Some that did should not have. The recent health-care reform effort was nothing [...]

Acton’s Law

Lord Acton’s statement that “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” seems more true today than when it was uttered about 150 years ago. The growth and arrogance of government is well beyond anything that Acton probably envisioned. Yet his observation was elastic enough to cover today’s situation. The larger government grows, the greater its power and the greater the [...]

Free Healthcare

One of the simplest economic concepts to understand is the theory of demand. As the price of a good to users decreases, demand or use of that good will increase. As the price of a good approaches zero, theoretically the demand or use of the good will approach infinity. Nowhere is this principle better demonstrated than healthcare. Here are some simple [...]

You Are Going to Die

All of us are going to die. Knowing how and when are answers we are not provided. The imposition of Obamacare does not provide answers, but for most of us the terminal event is likely to be sooner rather than later under Obamacare. From the Wall Street Journal: President Obama last year praised the Mayo Clinic as a “classic example” [...]

Why Obamanomics Will Not Improve The Economy

“The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design.” Friedrich Hayek The economic programs and policies currently in place are truly astounding. I don’t think I have ever seen a more harmful economic environment for the country. While some of these programs started with Bush, the Obama [...]

Health Care: The Last Straw For A Weakened Camel

Our country is going into hard times as a result of the economic mismanagement by the Federal Government and the Federal Reserve over the last three decades. There is no way to avoid a serious recession (most likely a depression) or an inflationary holocaust. Which outcome occurs depends upon the choices made by our government. Whatever the government chooses or [...]

Government-Induced Failures

In a post generally critical of government and specifically critical of three programs, Tom Blumen concludes (my emphasis added): The micro and macro lessons are clear. So why do statists keep doing things that don’t work? It could be that they are so blinded by their ideology that they are intellectually incapable of learning from their mistakes. But it’s much [...]