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Recommended Books

Simon Black supplies his list of books to better understand the world: The Road to Serfdom by Friedrich A. Hayek The Godfather of the Austrian School of economics, Hayek explains the vitality and necessity of economic freedom better than anything else I’ve… Read More »Recommended Books

Government Efficiency

Gary North provides the QOTD: When a profit-seeking firm sees that no one wants its services, it finds ways to lower prices and improve services. The United States Postal Service does what government agencies do: it raises prices and cuts services.

Socialism Destroys Slowly

As this country slowly sinks into the abyss of Socialism, all types of changes are beginning to appear. Reader Ken in Tyler comments on the difficulties of investing: The difficulty I have with the concept of “investing” these days is… Read More »Socialism Destroys Slowly

Government and Guns

A bit of history involving the horrors of Government and the absence of guns: