The Psychopaths Who Gravitate To Government

Doug Casey pulls few punches in this video describing politicians. If you root for either team in politics, you will be offended by his characterizations of some of your heroes. I think he is too harsh on some, but his underlying message is one rarely delivered and one that needs to be heard. His talk deals with the power of [...]

Recommended Books

Simon Black supplies his list of books to better understand the world: The Road to Serfdom by Friedrich A. Hayek The Godfather of the Austrian School of economics, Hayek explains the vitality and necessity of economic freedom better than anything else I’ve read. Read/Download for free at the Mises Institute  Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand This book teaches you the basic principles of [...]

“Imagine” — My Version

As one views the deteriorating condition of the world, it is difficult not to think of what could be rather than what is. In the words of John Lennon: “You, you may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…” Simon Black provides some observations regarding conditions. His list is hardly inclusive, but it provides a flavor of the [...]

Government Economic Policy Cannot Cure A Problem It Caused

Neither President Bush’s nor President Obama’s economic policies brought this recession. The event was preordained from years of governmental economic mismanagement and intervention. The crisis could have come sooner, or later. It happened on Bush’s watch. Now Obama must deal with it. The insanity of current economic policy has been dealt with here before. Keynesian economics, as practiced by politicians, [...]

Leviathan: “You Better Play Along If You Want To Survive”

Freedom is lost with every passing day. Government has become Leviathan, a ruthless master which serves only itself. It has become pure force, unanswerable to anyone. George Washington’s warning has taken on new meaning:  Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master. The Lord Acton vision [...]

Government Efficiency

Gary North provides the QOTD: When a profit-seeking firm sees that no one wants its services, it finds ways to lower prices and improve services. The United States Postal Service does what government agencies do: it raises prices and cuts services.

Five Year Old Girl Suspended From School For Being A Terrorist

The title is a “grabber” but it is also accurate. Here is Simon Black’s report: Last week in the Land of the Free, a five-year-old girl in Pennsylvania was labeled a terrorist threat. Fortunately for the citizens of Northumberland County, local authorities managed to detain this nefarious kindergartener before she could exact her villainous deeds on thousands of innocents. Authorities [...]

Progressives, The Constitution and Guns

To those of the leftist persuasion, the Constitution is an obstruction. Words written on old parchment by men long since dead should not get in the way of their modern ideas of “perfecting” society. These “progressives” know what is best for society. They are pragmatists, not bound by “obsolete” customs, laws or quaint traditions. They have the ability to improve, [...]

Cause and Effect = Government and Collapse

For those who are unaware of what is happening and even for those who are aware, this video will disabuse you of any notion there is a recovery now or in the future. The state of the nation is dismal and matters are getting worse. Government is the problem. Whether their behavior is deliberate or just stupid is left for [...]

There Is No Morality In Government

I am not a conspiracist, but I am having trouble maintaining that position. The current occupants of our government have become too cozy with one another. Party affiliation matters little these days. Neither do ethics, morality, integrity or the Constitution, the document all elected officials swore to protect and uphold. Expediency rules. Principles must not stand in the way. Government [...]

Socialism Destroys Slowly

As this country slowly sinks into the abyss of Socialism, all types of changes are beginning to appear. Reader Ken in Tyler comments on the difficulties of investing: The difficulty I have with the concept of “investing” these days is that the methods available have been so distorted along with the entire financial market, that there seems no avenue available [...]

Government and Guns

A bit of history involving the horrors of Government and the absence of guns: