Federal Reserve

Hope and Crosby Never Went to Zimbabwe

Bob Hope and Bing Crosby made a series of movies together entitled “Road to …”. The first, made in 1940, was “The Road to Singapore.” The series was successful and included destinations such as Bali, Zanzibar, Rio, and Morocco. In all, I believe seven different movies were made over about a twelve year period ending in the early 1950s. Were [...]

Federal Reserve Policy Ensures Inflation

The Federal Reserve is the enabler of Federal government’s profligacy. It plays this role by monetizing the debt, i.e., purchasing Treasury bonds that otherwise could not be sold, or at least not sold for the artificially low interest rates that currently prevail. Since the financial crisis, the Fed’s balance sheet has risen from $800 Billion to over $3 Trillion! Government [...]

Idiots Rule The Country

The insanity that is our Federal government and their lackies at the Federal Reserve apparently is unlimited. Janet Yellen, Vice-Chair of the SF Federal Reserve is the latest example of the idiocy. Apparently she is vying for the Paul Krugman Stool of Economics if any university is foolish enough to create one.  Here is Joe Wiesenthal's report on her recommendations:   [...]

Living Beyond Your Means Ultimately Means Living Beneath Your Means

The deterioration of this nation’s economy is truly mind-boggling. What we experience today is an outgrowth of several decades of misguided economic policies. Current economic policy is even more misguided than those that led us to this point. So, too is the regime uncertainty that surrounds facing economic actors. Productive people have targets painted on their backs. Business and investors [...]

How Ford Motor Company Started

Some interesting history about Henry Ford and how he became successful. All of this occurred long before the income tax, the Federal Reserve and big, oppressive government. It was a time when men took risks because there were still rewards.

The Federal Reserve: Fraud That Passes For Economic Policy

The Federal Reserve has spoken, again. And again they have said nothing worth hearing, but done so in serious language and tone. Does anyone consider this quarterly spectacle worthwhile anymore? Every quarter, like some pagan ritual, this scene repeats. Market worshipers treat it as some profound economic emanation that has the potential to re-direct the economic fate of the nation. [...]

The Death Of A Country

In a wide-ranging interview in 1992, Milton Friedman commented on a number of issues pertinent to current economic problems. Even though the interview is now two decades old, Friedman’s prescience and understanding is worthwhile revisiting. Had some of his concerns been heeded back then, the world would not be in the fix it finds itself today. Here are some of [...]

Fed: Recession Certain?

How convenient is it that the following information based on data from the Federal Reserve was not made public before the election: What’s interesting about this index is the current reading. At 20%, the index is at a level that has ALWAYS been followed by a recession. As you can see below, the index has never approached 20% without a subsequent recession. All [...]

Ponzi Scheme Government

It is interesting to go back and look at thoughts and interpretations of events from the past. Sometimes it is embarrassing. This post from almost three years ago, seems rather accurate in light of subsequent developments. The Ponzi Scheme that government had become only continued, as expected. At that time three alternatives were reviewed with respect to how government would [...]

The Country Loses Ron Paul But Not (Unfortunately) The Federal Reserve

Ron Paul is looked at by some as a modern day Don Quixote. His perennial windmill was the Federal Reserve, an institution not very well understood by the American public. For those who don’t understand the Fed, watch this video. Representative Paul is a Republican, but a strange one. He is a RINO (republican in name only), a term usually [...]

Common Sense Video — The Quiet Depression, So Far

This conversation between Gordon T. Long and John Rubino is an important listen. It deals with our declining standard of living which is expected to get worse. We are early into this economic decline and, as the old saying goes, “you ain’t seen nothing yet!” Thank the political class (and their political economist lackeys) for this situation — not just [...]

The Federal Reserve Is Destroying What Is Left Of The Country

Economics is little more than common sense, unless you are a politician or an economist employed by government. Those economists who do go into the employ of government seem to be educated beyond their level of competence. Or, perhaps they are prostitutes willing to do or say anything for the pay, prestige and face-time they receive in return. Working for [...]