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Democrat Party

“It Knows How to Campaign, But is Completely Incompetent at Governing”

The titled quote was appropriately directed at the Obama Administration, yet it is a general problem for Democrats. Over the last eight decades Democrats acquired a voting bloc by targeting disparate groups for favored treatment. Their focus over this acquisition phase gradually shifted from that of governing to winning elections.

Today they have a motley collection of constituents with little in common other than the word “MORE.” Democrats bought loyalty by increasing dependency and increasingly rewarding it. The core of the party now consists of interest groups with dissimilar agendas. The groups are potentially antagonistic to one another as they compete for the same favors. They have one thing in common — “I Want More.”

A disparate constituency cannot be governed in the fashion envisioned by the Founding Fathers. True governance is impossible without alienating parts or all of your base. Can anyone describe the philosophy of governance of the modern Democrat Party without invoking the image of Santa Claus? Competing interest groups do not want governance, they want entitlements and privileges.

As a result Democrat strategy is forced to focus almost exclusively on winning elections rather than governance. Their strategy depends

Is The Country Mad?

That Obama is even considered re-electable is an indictment of this country and its voters. Given his performance record, how is it possible he stands a chance?

Obviously he does, according to most polls. One only can wonder why the Democrat Party even allows him to run given the the pain and suffering that has resulted from his reign. Do they have no one better or do they think that America is so dumb and corrupted that it will re-elect this incompetent?

Yates Walker has done a pretty good job of capturing 39 months of Obama in 231 words:

You must have health insurance to be a citizen, but you don’t need proof of citizenship to vote.

Profit is scorned, non-profit revered.

A man is innocent until proven guilty, unless

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