Don’t Assassinate Your Own Citizens

There have been several recent articles on this website concerning the loss of freedom and the changing relationship between the government and the people. Simon Black dealt with this same subject in a recent email in which he summarized the changes in one week: So, in just a week’s time, the political elite in the Land of the Free gave [...]

Capital Controls Are Near

Economics is really simple unless you believe in macroeconomic quackery as practiced by government. It is about individuals and how they react to incentives and disincentives. We all strive to improve our position by moving from a less comfortable state to a more comfortable one. What different people consider more or less comfortable is personal. Humans are always moving away [...]

The Conflict Between Politicians and Citizens

Ron Holland detects some intelligence or fear in Washington. He believes that politicians may have done something worthwhile, although is unsure what has motivated them: It also could be preservation planning by politicians scared to death of re-election losses and their personal safety after what they have done to our nation, economy, wealth and freedoms. After all, looking at the civil unrest [...]

The Economic Crisis is a Sideshow to the Real Issue

The world is changing and few people understand the implications. Old rules and guidelines which worked for generations no longer apply. Profound changes, termed “discontinuities” by the late Peter Drucker, have obsoleted them. For those accustomed to linear change, there is a  new normal. Mr. Drucker described a discontinuity as a change so profound that normal extrapolation of the past [...]

Government Compassion on Display (FBAR)

In April I wrote a post entitled When Government Becomes a Predator. It dealt with a rather arcane subject, at least for most of us, called the Foreign Bank Accounts Report. As reported: The Bank Secrecy Act became law in 1970 and implemented the Foreign Bank Accounts Report (FBAR) to monitor money laundering. The FBAR law required that US persons [...]


If there is nothing else you read this year, read this from American Spectator. It is about the Ruling Class versus the rest of us. It is a long read, but it will provide great reward and understanding for those who do read it. It will explain much of what has happened and why. For those who are puzzled as [...]

Ron Paul and Bernanke and Bailouts

This conversation, at least on Ben Bernanke’s part, is surreal. Legitimate questions on Ron Paul’s part, illegitimate answers from Bernanke. Does Bernanke assume that all citizens are morons? God Help Us! The entire world is bankrupt and pretending they are not by printing money everywhere.