Chris Martenson

The Crash Course by Chris Martenson

Long-time readers of this site know my respect for Chris Martenson and his work. Everyone who has not already done so should watch his “Crash Course.” I think there is no better way to get up to speed regarding the problems facing this nation. Here is a link to his site where you can begin to watch. The topics and [...]

Martenson on Why Our Currency Will Fail

One of my favorite analysts is Chris Martenson. He is especially logical in his analyses as I think you will agree with his recent report on Why Our Currency Will Fail: The idea that the very same economic forces that are currently plaguing Greece, et al., are somehow not relevant to the United States’ circumstances does not hold water. As goes the [...]

Fiat Currency — Going, Going Gone

Few people understand what is happening and about to happen. One of these is Chris Martenson who foresaw the crisis, adjusted his lifestyle completely in advance of it and has been explaining what is happening to others. His diagnoses have been accurate and his recommendations for personal security and safety invaluable to thousands. Mr. Martenson has written an important new [...]

Martenson and Turk on The Financial Crisis

Tyler Durden discusses the video below: In the following video Chris Martenson – economic analyst at and regular guest contributor to Zero Hedge, and James Turk, Director of the GoldMoney Foundation talk about the problems facing the eurozone as well as the global economy. Chris Martenson points out that the whole world simply has too much debt. This is [...]

Martenson on the Crisis

Regular readers know how much I value the work of Chris Martenson. Below is a recent post of his. Part of it is available to non-subscribers. The second part is available only to subscribers. Make sure you read the first part. Then decide whether you want to subscribe. The public portion of his site is very informative, if you are [...]

Guaranteed Losses vs. Moving Out The Risk Curve

Chris Martenson on the Investor Problem: Debt Ceiling Dilemma: The Foul Choice Facing Investors Thursday, July 28, 2011, 10:23 am, by cmartenson For the record, I still believe that there will not be a breach of the debt ceiling and no overt default for the US. Things will be worked out in the nick of time, like they always are. [...]

Martenson and Turk on Gold and Currencies

The following quote from James Turk sums up our situation quite nicely: The rule of law has basically been thrown out the window. Money printing is the order of the day. And when politicians take control of central banks, which they have done in the United States and they are also doing in Europe, that basically destroys the currency. It [...]

Martenson Report on Gold and Silver

Chris Martenson with an thorough analysis of gold and silver and his reasons for favoring them: This report lays out an investment thesis for gold and one for silver.  Various factors lead me to conclude that gold is one investment that you can park for the next ten or twenty years, confident that it will perform well. My timing and [...]

Living Through Economic Collapse

Chris Martenson interviews a gentleman who lived through the Argentinean economic and currency collapse. An important interview for what may be in our near-term future. Anyone who believes this cannot happen here is naive and needs to listen to what may soon be affecting all of us.

Death by Debt

Chris Martenson has written an article entitled Death by Debt in which he alleges (correctly, I believe) that the problems we face cannot be fixed unless and until the excess debt is liquidated. The basis for this view stems from understanding that debt-based money systems operate best when they can grow exponentially forever. Of course, nothing can, which means that even [...]

Dollar Going Down the Tubes

John Rubino, in an interview with Chris Martenson stated: At some point out there, the whole concept of fiat currency, of governments in charge of their own monetary printing presses is going to be discredited. Before that happens, Rubino expects much more devaluation of the dollar, although he is cautious about the (temporary) end of quantitative easing. Short-term that could [...]