Bond Yields

More Non-Recovery Signs

More evidence of the weak and getting weaker economy from Zerohedge: From David Rosenberg’s latest Breakfast with Rosie, from Gluskin Sheff Reality Check: The S&P 500 is no higher now than it was on February 7. Yet, so many pundits still believe we are in a flaming bull market. QE2 failed to provide for a sustained acceleration in the pace of [...]

Rosenberg Not Optimistic

Rosenberg sees no recovery: David A. Rosenberg Chief Economist & Strategist Market Musings & Data Deciphering Breakfast with Dave Read full article (PDF 421KB) June 22, 2010 In today’s issue of Breakfast with Dave • Getting a grip on reality: double-dip risks in the U.S. have risen substantially in the past two months • The case for bonds: in discussing [...]

Beautiful Greece

Greece is a beautiful country with beautiful scenery. The view of their financial demise is not one of the pretty scenes. SAI THE WIRE CLUSTERSTOCK MONEY GAME GREEN SHEET WAR ROOM LAW REVIEW LATEST VIDEO Thursday, April 22, 2010 This Is What The Greece Endgame Looks Like Yes, you’ve been hearing about Greek bond yields rising for some time now, [...]