Bill Bonner


Bill Bonner always provides insightful articles. Here he deals with economists in a non-flattering way. Readers of this blog know that I agree with virtually everything he says below. I have likened much of the profession to prostitutes in the sense that they sold out their principles for the grants, prestige and income available to those who support a bigger [...]

Government Must Lie

Bill Bonner, as usual, provides an interesting perspective on the news. Here is his take on government employment reporting: … if they reported the unemployment rate today the same way they did during the Great Depression, unemployment would be at 22% — only slightly below the level of the ’30s. The Federal Government is responsible for the data reports. One [...]

Musings On Government

On the Uses of Government By Bill Bonner 12/13/11 Baltimore, Maryland – “The Divine Right of Kings” was a theory of government that held water. But you had to put the water in the right container. You had to believe in God. You had to believe that He gave out job assignments. You also had to believe that He didn’t mind when His [...]

Government Is The Problem

Bill Bonner describes how the government, with too many of the people’s blessings, got us into this mess. According to Mr. Bonner this interaction between the governed and their government was responsible for an impoverishment of the masses: They demand that the feds ‘do something!’…not realizing that the feds — more than anyone else — are responsible for their misery: [...]

Bastiat for Today

H/T to John Mauldin and his fine newsletter for this quote from Bill Bonner. Both are among my favorite reads. Bonner writes for The Daily Reckoning: Where is the peace dividend that was supposed to come after the end of the Cold War? Where are the fruits of the amazing gains in efficiency that technology has afforded? It has been [...]

Government Spending Kills The Productive Economy

For those who don’t want to study history, political science or economics, the proper understanding of government is presented below by Bill Bonner of The Daily Reckoning. In a short article, he has captured the essence of government and our economic problem. Government contains within itself the source of its own destruction and the destruction of the civilization over which [...]

Is Cash King or Trash?

The colorful and insightful Bill Bonner of The Daily Reckoning discusses the economic crisis, speculating on how it plays out.  As always, his views are entertaining and worthwhile. Mr. Bonner’s Views Regarding investment goals: … your goal as an investor is to lose less money than everyone else. He who loses least wins! Regarding investment strategy: Cash is king in a [...]

A Lost Decade (or More)

The US has now joined Japan in terms of having a “lost decade.” Japan is still far ahead, however, as they are in their third lost decade. Their stock market, 40,000 over twenty years ago, closed today at under 9,000. The lost decade in the US has not yet been as bad as Japan’s. As Bill Bonner described conditions in the US: [...]

Gold and Dow Moving to Equality?

Bill Bonner at The Daily Reckoning wrote this before today’s $100+ drop in the price of gold. Interestingly, he also thought gold might go down, perhaps for some period. Is he discouraged? Hardly, he believes it would be crazy to divest of gold and expects one ounce of gold to eventually be equal to the Dow Jones at some point. [...]

Zombies and Parasites — Riots to Follow

Bill Bonner talks about zombies. I have used the term parasites to describe pretty much the same thing. My post entitled Political Parisitology, to be posted at 10:30, explains my view. Remember, this will not be available until after 10:30 today. Mr. Bonner’s view follows: So, what’s the difference between an angry zombie and a person who is angry because [...]

Educated Beyond Their Level of Competence

Bill Bonner’s description of the financial authorities and what they have gained: They are lost without a compass. They are up the river without a paddle. At the automatic teller without a pin number. They have no theory that has not been discredited. They have no experience which does not contradict them. In 2006, they couldn’t see the crisis coming. [...]

Democracy Plus Welfare State Equals DISASTER(S)

Quote of the day from Bill Bonner: Under the influence of popular democracy, oil driven machinery, and the social welfare nation state, almost every developed nation has made the same choice – to go broke.