Ben Bernanke

Bernanke Continues to Pretend He Has Control

QE (quantitative easing), whether it be QE1 or QE10, is a euphemism. It represents the expansion of the money supply (printing money). An expansion of the money supply is inflation. Rising prices are not inflation, they are an effect of inflation. The disease is printing money (or QE if you want to call a rose by some other name). The [...]

For Ben Bernanke, Nothing Has Changed

The announced bond buying by Mario Draghi in Europe produced a substantial rise in our markets yesterday. Investors who were long stocks were undoubtedly happy with their likely unexpected windfall. The major averages all hit multi-year highs and gold closed over $1,700. As happy as investors were, one Ben Bernanke and his current boss, Barack Obama, were likely just as [...]


Bill Bonner always provides insightful articles. Here he deals with economists in a non-flattering way. Readers of this blog know that I agree with virtually everything he says below. I have likened much of the profession to prostitutes in the sense that they sold out their principles for the grants, prestige and income available to those who support a bigger [...]

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

The contrast between what we see in our every day lives is not consistent with what government tells us is happening in the economy. The so-called recovery certainly doesn’t feel like one; it is certainly unlike any of the others over the last 50 or so years. If inflation is not a problem, one can only wonder how government obtains [...]

The Tragedy of Ben Bernanke

Sometimes a seminal event passes unnoticed.  Subsequent developments and hindsight eventually place it in proper perspective. Just such an event may have happened or be in the process of playing out regarding Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Ben Bernanke’s Warning Mr. Bernanke expressed the following regarding the precariousness of our economic and financial situation (my emboldening): By definition, [...]

Bernanke is A Goat Not A Hero

The Atlantic magazine cover of April 2012 features Mr. Ben Bernanke as savior and hero. This is silly even by the media’s standards. Perhaps the Atlantic has suddenly become a humor magazine or perhaps they are revealing their ignorance of all things economic. Or perhaps the adulation of Bernanke is an attempt to convince readers that the worst is over [...]

Bernanke Dutifully (or Ignorantly) Attacks Gold

Ben Bernanke spoke out against gold this week. According to Joe Wiesenthal he destroyed the idea of gold returning as a form of money or primary part of a monetary regime: Ben Bernanke just gave the first lecture of his 4-part series on the origins of the Fed. … one thing really stood out … He spent a lot of time talking [...]

Princeton Economics, Not So Bad After All

Princeton economist Angus Deaton on the emotional aspects of discussing politics: “People appear to dislike politics and politicians so much that prompting them to think about them has a very large downward effect on their assessment of their own lives,” he writes. “The effect of asking the political questions on well-being is only a little less than the effect of [...]

The Bernank’s Plan

The charade that is represented by world governments is becoming more strained by the day. Ben Bernanke’s decision to do nothing was ridiculous. Not in the sense that he can affect outcomes in any way shape or form, but in the sense that he can prolong the agony that the economy must endure. According to Bruce Kasting: The stock market’s [...]

Ben Bernanke Is A Bull And His World Is A China Shop

Hapless Ben Bernanke, in an effort to save the unsaveable, continues to pour liquidity into the system. Liquidity is the only thing that keeps the economy and the government from imploding.  It accomplishes nothing other than to “pretend and extend.” The economic debacle ahead cannot be avoided, only deferred. It provides those willing to understand more time to prepare. It [...]

Desperation on Part of Fed?

Another excellent commentary by Graham Summers at Phoenix Capital, He is obviously unrelated to Larry Summers based on his economic analysis. The Fed appears to have been busy, perhaps desperate, on the eve of the end of QE2: The biggest Fed pump since Lehman went under … happened on the week of June 27 2011. If you’re looking for a reason that stocks [...]

Bernanke is Killing Us to Save the Politicians

James Quinn excoriates Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke in his recent piece QE2 — The Bernanke Chronicles: Ben Bernanke wants it both ways. He is trapped in a web of his own making and he will lie, obfuscate, hold press conferences, write editorials, seek interviews on 60 Minutes, and sacrifice the US dollar in order to prove that his economic theories [...]