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Impeach Them All (Again)

In recent posts I have tried to communicate how the country is heading toward increasing tyranny and economic collapse. This article was written about a year ago. It was correct then and likely more obvious today. Impeach Them All The US Government continues actions that will result in its own demise. That might seem fitting, except that its failure will [...]

TANSTAAFL Is About To Become A Common Term

The disintegration of an economy and a society can take two courses. One course is like rust. It is slow and barely perceptible. The other is a sudden collapse. The first course, if left untended, eventually  turns into the second. The US economy is now rusting away. Arguably it has been for decades. For anyone interested in looking, the signs [...]

Obama’s Election Seals Our Fate

The Obama re-election dooms the country.  It ensures that his philosophy will be imposed for another four years. His election ensures the continuing shift away from the Rule of Law, property rights, free men and free markets. Obama’s vision of how the world works ensures a dire economy until an economic collapse resets everything. The rest of the world, apparently [...]

How To Win Elections: Make Zombies

The following appeared on this blog over a year ago. It is repeated because of its potential relevance in explaining the results of the most recent presidential election. We may have reached the point in terms of “zombies” where votes are cast purely on the basis of who is expected to provide the most goodies. There is no need to [...]

Why This Election Is So Important

A repost of an important post pertaining to the coming election: For the last thirty or so years, every election has been termed “the most important election in history” or described in similar  hyperbole. Outcomes of elections are important, but few are “game-changers” as pundits regularly claim. For the first time in my life, we face an election that truly [...]

Elite Government

As I was preparing to present an older article (one per day from here to the election) pertaining to the election, I discovered quite accidentally that Charles Anderson had a similar idea, at least with one of his and my articles: While this is not new news, I just became aware of an American Thinker article called Government of the Elites, [...]

Obama’s Problem — Reality Bites

President Barack Obama’s popularity is disintegrating faster than his credibility.  Less than a month ago his re-election seemed assured. Today the election looks like it has shifted dramatically in favor of Romney. Mitt Romney is not Obama’s problem, but he is the beneficiary of Obama’s problem. Romney’s surge is derivative, emanating from the growing “anybody but Obama” crowd. Wes Pruden describes the [...]

How Does A President Say “No Mas?”

What does a politician, deeply involved in a campaign, do if he wants to quit? It is an unusual question, made even more difficult to answer in that so few politicians willingly do so. But that may be the issue that Barack Obama is facing, even so late in this campaign. A few months ago, everything looked rosy for the [...]

A Psychological Profile Of The President

An American Thinker reader commented on my piece Why Obama Will Lose All Three Debates. The commentator, identified as “”  (unreachable even by adding an @ sign to make this an email address), appears to have a background in psychology and uses it to diagnose the psychopathology that is Barack Obama. Here is his comment: The reference to “”Obama’s own [...]

Why Obama Will Lose All Three Debates

President Obama had a terrible debate last week. Supporters and opponents were shocked that he could be so off his game.  They shouldn’t have been. That they were indicates they don’t understand Obama’s serious, likely insurmountable, re-election problem. Obama supporters and detractors expect the old Obama to show better form in the next debate. But that is not going to happen! It [...]

Deja Vu All Over Again

This post was resurrected from April 2011. The assessment of the economy then is similar to today. The underlying problems still remain and the country is facing another debt limit crisis. The political class thought they had kicked this next debt crisis beyond the election, but they have spent more than they thought possible. Hence, here we are again. It [...]

Why Obama Will Lose

This post is from two years ago (September 29, 2010). It represents my view of Obama then and what would happen in the mid-term elections (then about 5 weeks away). In the last two years Obama’s record has only become more dismal and his character flaws and ethics have been revealed. Virtually everything he has touched has been a failure [...]