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Frivolous and Useless

As more and more Americans suffer from the costs of inflation, government continues to waste money on frivolous and useless things. The population of Washington DC is dominated with two classes of people — village idiots and exploiters. Oh there… Read More »Frivolous and Useless

US Government Has Become Fannie and Freddie

Jeff Nielson in “U.S. government the NEW sub-prime lender” details the government’s role in the housing crisis and how FHA will be the next government entity to become insolvent.

China Continues to Position Against Currency Chaos

China continues to position itself to become independent of the US dollar. Just more evidence of the building strains in the currency markets. .

Stock Market Overvalued?

Corporate Insider Selling continues at a record pace. What do they know about their own companies that you don’t? Now news is that Warren Buffet is lightening up on his stock holdings.

Power Politics

A discussion of Washington politics and ethics by Thomas Sowell that is troubling to anyone that believes in “The One” or government as an impartial, benevolent referee.

Is Gold Breaking Out?

This morning Gold broke through $1,000, supposedly a magical number for some. Barry Ritholtz at The Big Picture provides a nice discussion today.

John Mauldin

An economic analyst with a free weekly newsletter. His take on conditions is first-rate and not to be missed. It is a free newsletter:

The Crash Course

If you have not watched “The Crash Course” by Chris Martenson, I highly recommend it and that you pass it on to your friends. It is a reasonably concise presentation and very well done. It explains quite clearly how we… Read More »The Crash Course