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Fauci or This Guy?

Whom do you trust — Fauci or this guy? This “guy” is Dr. Richard Fleming, author of the book imaged to the right. You might note his credentials referenced under his name: PhD, MD, JD. These are impressive but not… Read More »Fauci or This Guy?

Covid-19 Relief Scandals

Everyone knows government is inefficient and wastes money. The simplest tasks they do ineffectively, inefficiently and at too high a cost. That is demonstrated in the article below on the Covid-19 relief scandals. The Inconvenient Truth About COVID-19 Relief Scandals… Read More »Covid-19 Relief Scandals


The World Economic Forum, often referred to as that annual meeting in Davos, is provided favorable press coverage around the world. Its mission statement describes the attendees as follows: “The Forum engages the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders… Read More »Davos

How Does It End?

The big question, and it is not a new one, is “How Does It End?” Any honest economist knows that we are on the precipice of world-wide disaster. Most are constrained from revealing their true feelings and analyses because of government… Read More »How Does It End?

Reality Is Not an Option

One must deal with reality because reality is not an option. Not doing so is dangerous and foolish. Especially if you are government. Government’s role, whatever it truly is, should recognize reality. The causal relationship is not Government to Reality.… Read More »Reality Is Not an Option

Our Legal Mafia

Government has become our legal Mafia. To different degrees, that statement is true around the world and for all governments, regardless of level. Government does not enrich itself in the sense that it requires lower taxes. It enriches those engaged… Read More »Our Legal Mafia

Our Ruling Class

Thomas Lifson highlighted Mark Levin’s show-opening diatribe on our Ruling Class. Make sure that you watch the opening clip! Mr. Levin exposes the (mostly) self-serving fraud that government has become and the self-interest that drives it. Government has been captured… Read More »Our Ruling Class

Country Bumpkin — NOT!

Humor is one thing that takes our minds off more pressing issues. Senator John Kennedy is a country bumpkin — NOT! His home-spun humor is especially effective when describing fellow politicians of either party. Below is a sample I received… Read More »Country Bumpkin — NOT!

Are We Mad?

Anyone watching politics knows that actions and decisions are not taken for the citizens but for the political class. Are we mad to allow this? It is hard to answer in the negative and becomes harder each day as political… Read More »Are We Mad?

Self-anointed Failing

What follows is a long and interesting article pertaining to “experts” and true knowledge. It uses the martial arts as an analogy (that fits remarkably well) to deal with the self-anointed failing miserably. Cast in the context of the Covid… Read More »Self-anointed Failing

Gold Eagles

The current crisis (yes, it is a crisis!) reflects Americans getting poorer and poorer as government dysfunction accelerates. Gold Eagles are one way to protect against purchasing power theft. It is not an ideal solution but it is one available… Read More »Gold Eagles

Vaccine Failure

The following article was sent to me from a Doctor friend. It is consistent with the fears and suspicions regarding Vaccine Failure. It is also consistent with the prospect that the entire Covid response was an overreaction that made matters… Read More »Vaccine Failure

A Good Sign

A good sign is apparent in this report: Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel announced his pharmaceutical company is throwing out millions of its COVID-19 vaccine doses due to a “big demand problem.” Bancel’s comments came while speaking on a panel at the World Economic Forum in… Read More »A Good Sign