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Fauci or This Guy?

Whom do you trust — Fauci or this guy? This “guy” is Dr. Richard Fleming, author of the book imaged to the right. You might note his credentials referenced under his name: PhD, MD, JD. These are impressive but not… Read More »Fauci or This Guy?

Their Worst Nightmare

For those who truly recognize the uniqueness and value of the United States, their worst nightmare has come true. A compromised, unprincipled and disabled man has been elected president of the country. The least of these negatives is “disabled!” Even at… Read More »Their Worst Nightmare

The Covid Caper

The Covid Caper is the term I use to describe an apparent fraud perpetrated on the world. Sadly, it produced many premature deaths, both from the disease and the government solutions. The full effects (learning, psychological, possibly genetic, etc.) will… Read More »The Covid Caper

This is Too Easy

Staff at the Babylon Bee are complaining about the lack of work required in this administration. One recent employee stated: “This is too easy,” before putting up the latest expo.   Bee Cartoon

Burning the Furniture

What government is doing (or not doing) has serious long-term consequences for a country. The great Austrian economist, Ludwig von Mises, used two analogies to illustrate “short-termism.” One was “burning the furniture” to heat the house and the other was… Read More »Burning the Furniture

Inflation for Simpletons

Inflation for simpletons can be explained in images. Four are shown below. Technically, inflation is always a monetary phenomenon. If the Federal Reserve weren’t a political tool, there would be no inflation, although the Federal Government would be insolvent! Two… Read More »Inflation for Simpletons

Unhappy Independence Day

“Happy Fourth of July” is difficult for me to say. The phrase trivializes a great event — Independence Day — a historic experiment for freedom. “Unhappy Independence Day” is more appropriate for me. Freedoms in this country and around the… Read More »Unhappy Independence Day

Frivolous and Useless

As more and more Americans suffer from the costs of inflation, government continues to waste money on frivolous and useless things. The population of Washington DC is dominated with two classes of people — village idiots and exploiters. Oh there… Read More »Frivolous and Useless

Government Exploitation

Government exploitation of citizens is inevitable because it is the means to gain and enhance power. Rajan Laad provides his interpretation of how Democrat voters are being abused in the article below from American Thinker. I agree with his observations,… Read More »Government Exploitation