ObamaCare: Democrat Voter Drive

ObamaCare purports to be a health care program. By eliminating all other options, it may succeed in achieving that role. However, it is also another foray by the State into areas where it has not business going and no ability to succeed. Its passage represents political pandering at its worst. ObamaCare’s passage serves two nefarious purposes: Allows the State to [...]

Liberalism Preys on Minorities

Liberalism is a disgrace in that it fails in everything it tries. But it is a malicious disgrace in the manner in which it exploits the disadvantaged.  Pretending to stand for the little guy and the oppressed, this malignant philosophy merely uses them to feather their own political nests. Thomas Sowell, as usual, cuts through all the nonsense in this [...]

American Exceptionalism

Zerohedge captures the essence of government today: It would appear there is one thing the USA is still exceptional at (given snowboarding is off the table)…

Emerging Markets Cautionary Alert

Markets continue to meander with a downward trend in the first part of January. Today is another down day. The following is an alert regarding Emerging Markets. Emerging Markets were ranked very low at the time of the January selections. In the basic asset sector rankings, this sector ranked near bottom. A caution was raised at that time.  Since then, [...]

Sector Performance

A nice summary by Prudent Trader: Four Days to Go by: Bill Zimmer Thursday, December 26th, 2013 at 9:50 am With but four trading days left to 2013 let’s see how the Sectors stand up on a year-to-date basis.  For some perspective: Dow is +20.23%, NASDAQ 100 + 29.89%, Russell 2000 +30.34%,  and the S&P 500 +24.48%. 18 of 31 sectors [...]

Test Post

This is a test for testing purposes only

Unplanned Chaos

Jeffrey Tucker comments on ObamaCare: Science is glorious. But government is not science, and society cannot be managed scientifically from the center. Ludwig von Mises had a phrase he used to describe every attempt: “planned chaos.” There is a plan, and the experts are in charge with all resources and conviction. But the results are crazy, random, irrational, confusing, and [...]

Dying To Get ObamaCare

Don’t know whether to classify this under humor or tragedy. It is late for Halloween but ObamaCare looks like it will remain funny and tragic for much longer. Other talented people might consider similar shots pertaining to Benghazi, Fast and Furious, etc. etc.

Obama’s Successor Will Need Circus and Shovel Experience

Form may hide substance (i.e., the lack of it) for a time, but it never triumphs over substance. Nowhere is that better demonstrated than the Reign of Error that is Barack Hussein Obama. The public thought they elected “Boy Wonder.” Under the demands of the office they learned that he was “Boy Blunder.” His lack of ability, in virtually every [...]

Suggested Stops For September Selections

The suggested stops for the September selections are shown below. As usual, the columns represent current price, close stop and less-close stop. These suggestions are based on volatility movement in these stocks recently. They are merely guidelines for you to consider where to place your own stops. There is no science beyond placing stops. You should keep in mind the [...]

Civilizations Don’t Die of Old Age

A simple video explains what has happened and how it is no different from any other country/civilization that rises and falls. It focuses on money/gold and provides an historical as well as a causal explanation of why a major crash is inevitable. We can either die in the flames of inflation or freeze in deflation/depression. Both roads end in the [...]