Need Something Moved?

Some amazing video from Australia regarding their methods and capabilities of moving large items. Can you imagine how many governmental agencies in the US would object? Just trying to get permits would make such tasks impossible. Can you even count how many would be required? Never mind, just think of the political mess trying to resolve the 9-11 mess. The [...]

“The more you regulate fat cats, the fatter the fat cats become.”

In a follow-on to the previous post, Michael Prell deals with the issue of how Occupy Wall Street Benefits Wall Street: Wall Street is one of the most regulated places in the country. And, while we creators in the real economy have suffered these past years, Wall Street has flourished. Household income fell 6.7% between 2009 and 2011, and dropped [...]

QOTW – Government Regulation

The Daily Bell on regulation: Regulation is a fundamental dominant social theme of the elites and they will flog it until people wake up and realize that every law and regulation is merely a price fix. Price-fixing merely distorts the underlying economy and transfers wealth from creators to those who had nothing to do with it and don’t know how to use [...]

Markets, Democracy and Socialism

The Telegraph had this to say about the debate over the welfare state: The truly fundamental question that is at the heart of the disaster toward which we are racing is being debated only in America: is it possible for a free market economy to support a democratic socialist society? On this side of the Atlantic, the model of a national welfare [...]

Competing Philosophies of Government

Ron Lipsman, talking about the nation’s founders, contrasts the opposing political philosophies in the current environment: What can we learn from the Founders, even when “our” problems weren’t “their” problems? A great deal. They operated on a set of principles that, like mathematics, was applicable in almost any situation, and across time. It is the genius of the Constitution that [...]

Atlas Has Finally Sorta Shrugged.

Victor Davis Hanson provides some of Obama’s excuses for the  economy being so bad: George Bush did it; the Republican obstructionists in the Congress who were wary of approving another $2 trillion in debt did it; the Tea Party did it; Standard and Poor’s did it; the Japanese earthquake did it; the Japanese tsunami and nuclear accidents did it; the [...]

Darren Clark — Too Free A Spirit For US Rules And Regulations

As a golfer of sorts, I was intrigued by the manner in which Bernie Reeves related Darren Clark’s recent British Open win to the state of freedom in the US. Clark’s victory was certainly a popular one and now known around the world.  Less known is the fact that he came to the US to play college golf at Wake [...]

Atlas Is Shrugging In The US And Flexing His Muscles Elsewhere

Ayn Rand was mostly correct when she wrote her magnum opus “Atlas Shrugged.” She was incorrect in one important area. She assumed the final option for the wealthy and entrepreneurial class was to go on “strike” and retire to Galt’s Gulch. In the modern world the movers and shakers don’t strike, they migrate. Atlas is shrugging in the US. Capital is [...]

Government Failure(s)

James L. Payne has written Can Government Manage the Economy, a perspective on modern-day witchcraft as practiced by government. The assumption that such management was feasible was invalidated almost immediately: For 98 years the federal government has been attempting to prevent asset bubbles, recessions, and spasms of unemployment. In 1913 Congress and Woodrow Wilson created the Federal Reserve System, the [...]

Victims of Keynesianism

Peter Foster has a good discussion of Keynesianism and its failures, mostly as related to Europe. The same comments apply equally here. Keynesianism is a disease spread by what Hayek termed “the fatal conceit.” It ends up slowing growth, vitality and eventually standards of living wherever it is applied. In the US, growth and vitality are gone. Living standards are [...]

Taking Not Making

Slowly, almost imperceptibly, our economy has changed from a dynamic growth economy into a non-growth, tired and spent welfare state. The implications of this change are enormous and should be recognized by investors, taxpayers and anyone else who will pay in one way or another for this change. Our future is nearly permanent stagnation, until something worse happens. There are [...]

Markets vs Interventionism

Mish provides a brief lesson in “libertarian” economics vs. “regulatory” economics. I like his post, but not his dichotomy. Perhaps a better taxonomy might have been markets vs. interventionism, although with the ignorance regarding economics that exists I understand why he chose what he did. True libertarians and regulators will object that Mish represents their positions. From a “purist” standpoint, [...]