ObamaCare and Rube Goldberg

ObamaCare is a Rube Goldberg contraption. It was cobbled together in disjointed fashion under time and ideological constraints. It is still unclear whether anyone read the entire law before it became legislation. Why should anyone be surprised it was so politically contentious? Now we are beginning to uncover the slipshod manner in which it was constructed. A three-judge panel in [...]

Hospital/Medicare Games

When entities are going broke, the first reaction is to attempt to hide this fact. In the case of private companies, warranties and other promises are not honored. Eventually, the end comes and the trivial attempts to thwart the outcome can be seen in retrospect. Governments are no different. They too begin to cheat and renege on commitments. Medicare (and Medicaid) is the biggest drain our failing [...]

ObamaCare, Medicare and Rationing

This email came in from a reader. It is about ObamaCare. I have not verified the “observation” vs. “treatment” divide in the Medicare law but this is probably the third instance I have come across referring to it. If you are on Medicare, be aware of this nuance. It could save you thousands of dollars. Toward the end there are [...]

ObamaCare — A Lesson in Governance

It is easy to criticize the fools in Washington, except doing so is a criticism of the masses who elected and tolerate them. That, for the dullards among us,  means most of us. We are the ones who let Washington get out of control. We are the ones that allowed the power to be removed from the people and transferred [...]

ObamaCare Scalded

ObamaCare: declare victory and then change the subject. That appears to be the current strategy of Democrats. That strategy is based on a fraud that must be perpetuated. That fraud is that ObamaCare was passed to improve the health care in this country. That was not its purpose. It will likely destroy what had been the best health care system [...]

Obamacare: “It’s Alive!”

“It’s alive! It’s alive!” was the response to the first movements of Frankenstein’s monster. Perhaps that description is applicable to ObamaCare, but just barely. In the sense that it itself is a monster, maybe. This quote of the day comes from Jimmy Fallon via the Daily Caller: “The White House says it has surpassed its goal for people enrolled in Obamacare. [...]

The Edsel Lives

ObamaCare is government’s answer to Ford Motor Company’s Edsel. For those too young to know, the Edsel (pictured to the right) is considered by many to be the worst business decision ever. This determination was not limited to the automobile industry but to any US industry. Truth be told, it probably wasn’t that bad a decision, at least ex ante. The [...]

ObamaCare Begins To Destroy American’s Health

The New Year dawns with the implementation of ObamaCare. The brain-dead supporters of this program and this president must be having a reaction like the following: What is this? I was promised free health care. Nobody told me that free might meant non-existent. I got better service when I didn’t have insurance and that was free. Here are a couple [...]

Learning The Hard Way

The dullards among us may see through our Sham-in-Chief. Nothing he has done has benefited them. Indeed, that may be said for the country at large. Thomas Sowell expressed it well, as he has so many times before: Those who have still not yet seen through Barack Obama will have many more opportunities to do so during the coming year, [...]

ObamaCare And An Obama Supporter

Warren Buffet was a strong Obama supporter when he ran for president. It is less clear how Buffet felt about Obama when he ran for his second term. He appears to still be an Obama supporter, but in a much less visible way. While not publicized, Buffet doesn’t seem to agree with ObamaCare, at least not for the employees of [...]

ObamaCare As Alice In Wonderland

One need not fall down a rabbit hole to enter an Alice In Wonderland world. A flight into Dulles International provides an alternate route. Lewis Carroll’s 1865 novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, may not have anticipated modern-day Washington and ObamaCare, but it provides a pretty good framework for it. Mr. Carroll could not have dreamed of the progress and technological innovation that [...]

Ben Stein Has Figured Obama Out

Reader Bob S. sent this piece in by Ben Stein: WE’VE FIGURED HIM OUT! By Ben Stein Why was President Barack Obama in such a hurry to get his socialized medicine bill passed? Because he and his cunning circle realize some basic truths: The American people in their unimaginable kindness and trust voted for a pig in a poke in [...]