“Legitimate Government Is Logically Impossible”

“Legitimate government is logically impossible,” according to Larken Rose. Listen to this interview conducted by Tom Woods, noted author and associate. Mr. Rose was unknown to me until Albert J. Nock (a pseudonym used by a reader) referenced him in a recent comment. I was fascinated by the above interview because I know and respect Tom Woods.  Woods is not comfortable [...]

Benghazi Coverup Claims

A reader requesting anonymity submitted this explanation of the Benghazi incident. It is shocking if it is true, although no more shocking than the cover-up that government has used to prevent the facts from coming forth. According to this group, Benghazi was a version of Fast and Furious on a bigger and more sinister scale. This one single incident is [...]

More Man-Boy Comparisons

Man-boy seems to be a reasonable description of these two people. Is it any surprise that the US is becoming the laughingstock of the world? Which “leader” would you rather depend upon? From To The Point News

Mencken Was Correct

H. L. Mencken (1880 -1956) was an astute observer of the American scene. He despised politicians, although gained amusement from them and the fools who elected them. His voice has never been needed more than today, given the further degeneration of governance and governors. He would not be surprised at our continuing slide to the bottom. Jennifer Harper reports this [...]

Bully Meets Professional Bully

What happens when the biggest bully around gets confronted by someone who refuses to be bullied? Usually the bully backs down and avoids a confrontation. But what happens if the one doing the confrontation is himself a bully? What happens if he won’t allow the other to back down? The answer to that question is playing out between Barack Obama [...]

Why Elections No Longer Matter

Many argue that elections no longer matter. I tend to agree, although it is difficult to explain why. The article below deals with this issue. In a wonderful piece in American Thinker, Daren Jonescu provides his interpretation of the stacked political deck known as elections. The institutionalism of Socialism and tyranny infects both parties. Both fight each other until their scam [...]

California Should Be Embarrassed

The old saying that you are known by the company you keep should embarrass California. In such a large state, can they not find qualified representatives? This email came in from a friend. I haven’t verified it, probably because it seems so plausible. I apologize if it is not true, but its value lies in the message that it conveys. [...]

Puzzles of Socialism

This email, author unknown, reflects the puzzles of Socialism and the current state of intelligence in this country: The definition of Conundrum is something that is puzzling or confusing; a riddle. Here are six Conundrums of socialism in the United States of America: 1. America is capitalist and greedy – yet half of the population is subsidized. 2. Half of [...]

The Good Kerrey on The Bad President

It is getting harder and harder to hide the disrespect and disgust that people have for President Obama. Increasingly, Obama is seen as a bad president, one that has been an abysmal failure on both domestic and foreign affairs. Jimmy Carter, in hindsight, appears to have been effective. Except for a small cadre of cultist followers, the dissatisfaction is palpable. [...]

Delusional President

I am not qualified in psychology or psychiatry. I think I understand human behavior on at least a superficial level. Most other humans do also. If you go through life with your eyes open, you see patterns of behavior. When these occur often, they tend to be seen as normal. Behavior out of this pattern, tends to be considered unusual. [...]

Government Data

Government data should not be accepted at face value. Individuals and governments like to be seen in favorable light. When they control the data, the data becomes fudged. The more powerful the entity, the less it can be questioned. As government grows in force and strength, government data deteriorates. James Quinn, utilizing the work done by John Williams of, [...]