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Monty Pelerin’s Politics Posts.

Fauci or This Guy?

Whom do you trust — Fauci or this guy? This “guy” is Dr. Richard Fleming, author of the book imaged to the right. You might note his credentials referenced under his name: PhD, MD, JD. These are impressive but not… Read More »Fauci or This Guy?

Hypocrisy of Politicians

The hypocrisy of politicians is unbounded. The video below illustrates this point in a manner that all should be able to understand. It focuses only on Democrats, but a similar one could be made to apply to Republicans. Likely, it… Read More »Hypocrisy of Politicians

Is the Fed Screwed?

Is the Federal Reserve in over its head? Have monetary matters spun out of control? In short, is the Fed screwed? Are we all screwed as a result of inappropriate policies? Sadly, this is beginning to look likely. This is… Read More »Is the Fed Screwed?

Consistency in Law

Tom Lester, a long-term reader of this site, provides his take on the decreasing consistency in Law, or at least its equitable application. Mr. Lester has the advantage/disadvantage of age,  as does Mr. Pelerin.  The disadvantage is that one finds… Read More »Consistency in Law

The Fed in the Chicken Coop

Was the creation of the Federal Reserve harmful or helpful? Evidence suggests the former, leading to the title of Fed in the Chicken Coop. This post is an update of an article originally published at The American Thinker. The Church… Read More »The Fed in the Chicken Coop

Their Worst Nightmare

For those who truly recognize the uniqueness and value of the United States, their worst nightmare has come true. A compromised, unprincipled and disabled man has been elected president of the country. The least of these negatives is “disabled!” Even at… Read More »Their Worst Nightmare