The Fraud That is Washington and The Republicans

Walter Williams is a no-nonsense guy, unafraid to speak out. He regularly exposes hypocrisy in society and the fraud that is Washington. In a recent article, he provided several takeaway points but none is more telling than the suggestion that Republicans are not stupid (perhaps hard for many to believe), they are just unwilling to take a stand on spending because they have the [...]

Common Sense — Walter Williams Interviewed

The wisdom of Walter Williams is on exhibit in this interview with Ginni Thomas: What is the biggest threat to America? Which political party’s policies do more harm? If you were to sit down with President Obama, what would you say to him? Some argue more federal spending, not less, is needed to help the economy. What do you think [...]

Where Liberalism “Succeeds,” Explained By Walter Williams

The liberal political pathology that focuses on targeted groups is ultimately harmful to society. But no part of society is harmed more than the group liberalism pretends to be helping. Its “favored” status turns into that of sacrificial lamb to be slaughtered on the altar of liberalism. Walter Williams uses the city of Detroit to explain how this works: JoAnn Watson, [...]

Common Sense Video — John Williams Talks Economic Data and The Economic Future

Most readers of this site know what I believe is coming regarding the economy. It is absolutely maddening what is taking place. The government is doing everything it can to keep the current system going. In so doing, they are making problems worse. We will have another Great Depression. The only question is when and how it is triggered. To [...]

Common Sense Video — Walter Williams and James Buchanan

This old video features two economists — Walter Williams and (now) Nobel Laureate James Buchanan — briefly discussing income/wealth re-distribution. Their comments, likely 20 or 30 years ago, are more than relevant today.

The Cruelest Law of All

Minimum wage is possibly the cruelest law ever. It makes it illegal for people with limited skills to be employed at a wage lower than a legally mandated level. Is the rate set too high? For most with skills, the law is irrelevant. However, for those who passed through dysfunctional government schools and learned little, it is an viciously cruel [...]

Walter Williams on Race and Crime

  Walter Williams provides his perspective on race and crime. As an economist, he uses inconvenient (for the politically-correct and race-baiters) numbers to make his points in an article which asks whether black people should tolerate this: Each year, roughly 7,000 blacks are murdered. Ninety-four percent of the time, the murderer is another black person. According to the Bureau of [...]

Walter Williams on “Good Economists”

Walter Williams, as always, is clear, concise and correct. He communicates in a style reminiscent of the great economic essayist Frederic Bastiat. His writing is geared for the layman; nevertheless it is sound economics. In this article he chides his fellow economists, at least those who work for the government and profess to know what is good for us and [...]

The Paradox of Black Voting Patterns

Walter Williams makes sense, as usual. After reading this short piece, one must wonder why the Democrat Party has a near monopoly on the black vote. Political Rope-A-Dope by Walter E. Williams It’s not unreasonable to ask how valuable the variously labeled liberal, Democratic or progressive agenda has been to black Americans and whether blacks should proceed in political lock [...]

End of The World Stuff

As a forecaster, there is not much odds forecasting the end of the world. After all, it only happens once. If you are correct, presumably no one is left or in a position to take your advice again. No percentages, nothing to be gained! Somebody must really feel strongly about developments to issue such a forecast. This interview with John [...]

The Fallacy of “Taxing The Rich”

Investor’s Business Daily presents an article by Walter Williams on taxing the rich to raise money. Tax The Rich? Good Luck With That By WALTER WILLIAMS So far as Congress’ ability to prey on the rich, we must keep in mind that rich people didn’t become rich by being stupid. That means whether taxes are high or low, people make adjustments [...]