Milton Friedman And ObamaCare

Where is Milton Friedman when we need him most? His ability to explain complex subjects in simple terms is needed, especially with regard to the fiasco we know as the “Affordable Care Act.” In politics, there is little truth. The denizens of this netherworld are not our best and brightest. Most do not consider ethics or truth as boundaries. As a [...]

Friedman On Education

Milton Friedman discusses the state of education in this country. There is no apparent date on this video, but I would guess that it is about thirty-five years old. That is important because the problems discussed back then were both known and massive. They have only gotten worse since then.

The Death Of A Country

In a wide-ranging interview in 1992, Milton Friedman commented on a number of issues pertinent to current economic problems. Even though the interview is now two decades old, Friedman’s prescience and understanding is worthwhile revisiting. Had some of his concerns been heeded back then, the world would not be in the fix it finds itself today. Here are some of [...]

Common Sense Video — Friedman on The Power of The Market

This video is the first in Milton Friedman’s “Free To Choose” television series. For those who have never seen this series, I encourage you to watch it. For those who have seen it, a repeat view is certainly worthwhile. Friedman did this series circa 1980. Just think how much our political and economic philosophy has changed in just a mere [...]

Brian Lamb and Milton Friedman Reminisce About Friedman’s Intellectual Journey

A long interview of Milton Friedman conducted by Brian Lamb. Mr. Friedman, at 88 years of age, reminisces about his career in academia and his contributions to the field of economics and public policy. For Friedman fans it is an interesting interview. For economists or public policy wonks, it is highly rewarding.  

Common Sense Videos — Friedman and Donahue

Milton Friedman educates (attempts to, anyway) Phil Donahue. Donahue’s audience appears to be more intelligent than the namesake of the show. A great demonstration of Friedman’s ability to enlighten even media dimwits.

Common Sense Video — The Free Lunch Myth

Milton Friedman expounds on “the free lunch” myth. He refers to Friedric Bastiat who wrote over almost 170 years ago on the topic. His talk itself appears to be twenty or so years old. Bastiat’s discussion was as relevant to its time as it is to our current situation. So too is Friedman’s discussion.

Monty on The Brian Wilson Show

A discussion yesterday with Brian Wilson, available on podcast: 8/1 Monty Pelerin 8/1 Brian and Monty Pelerin discuss the economy and the cliff we&… Read more: