“Morning Joe” More Like “Morning Jerks”

This clip is absolutely frightening: ‘Obama sees Democracy as stumbling-block to his greatness’: Breitbart It comes from Morning Joe and shows supposedly educated men discussing Obama’s “greatness.” They see him as being held back by democracy, other elected officials and the country itself. If these people are serious (and at least a couple if not all are), they are idiots, unfit [...]

Martenson and Turk on The Financial Crisis

Tyler Durden discusses the video below: In the following video Chris Martenson – economic analyst at and regular guest contributor to Zero Hedge, and James Turk, Director of the GoldMoney Foundation talk about the problems facing the eurozone as well as the global economy. Chris Martenson points out that the whole world simply has too much debt. This is [...]

Giuliani on Occupy Wall Street Protests

From a video on Real Clear Politics: “I believe that Barack Obama owns the Occupy Wall Street movement,” Rudy Giuliani said at the Defending the American Dream Summit. “It would not have happened, it would not have happened but for his class warfare. And remember, as it gets worse and worse because it’s going to get worse and worse, where [...]

The Real Scandal(s)

Thomas Sowell, as usual, puts matters into perspective. The matters he deals with are the charges made by various women against Herman Cain. The real scandal in the accusations against Herman Cain is the corruption of the law, the media and politics. Let’s start with the law. Some people may think the fact that the National Restaurant Association reportedly paid [...]

Those Dangerous Tea Partiers

A graphic of the Tea Party compared to the Occupy Wall Street movement from Doug Ross. Apparently the Tea Party has done something wrong too terrible to tell us mere people about:

John Williams on Third Quarter GDP

Alan Abelson of Barrons is always a colorful and entertaining read. Frequently I do not find him particularly useful from an investing perspective. His recent reporting on John Williams’ take of our third quarter economic results I thought was valuable. Of course, I think Williams’ work is usually spot on, so that is likely why I appreciated Abelson’s report. Or perhaps [...]

A Preview of The US?

Rioters in Athens, Greece protest austerity cuts. Good thing these folks don’t have guns. Or, maybe they should have them. Visualize what is coming here, only with better firepower on the part of the protesters.

The Horror, The Horror

This documentary of the horrific rise of the Third Reich is from the History Channel. While I am against coercion in any form, I would like to see every high school and college student watch this. Better yet, every voting citizen should have to watch it to vote! Those who believe this period was an aberration of history, something that [...]

Turk Interviews Zulauf

James Turk interviews Felix Zulauf. Mr. Zulauf is a bright, no-nonsense analyst who is worth listening to.

America’s “Soft” Side

Mark Steyn, in a column about President Obama having his own Jimmy Carter “malaise moment,” discusses what it means for the country to have gone “soft:” This is a great, great country that got so soft that 53 percent of electors voted for a ludicrously unqualified chief executive who would be regarded as a joke candidate in any serious nation. One should not [...]

Marc Faber Agrees Re Redd Fox’s “Big One”

I am glad to see that my analysis yesterday, Redd Fox’s “Big One?”, is in agreement with the views expressed in this video. Marc Faber has been ahead of the curve on our declining situation. He sees no reason for optimism.

A “Lost Century”

From The Telegraph on the IMF: Bad policy decisions could push the US into a ‘lost decade’ and put the eurozone into recession, warns IMF Bad policy decisions could condemn the US to a “lost decade”, tip America and the eurozone back into recession, and lead to “stagnation” in the world’s major economies, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned. [...]