Obama’s Problem — Reality Bites

President Barack Obama’s popularity is disintegrating faster than his credibility.  Less than a month ago his re-election seemed assured. Today the election looks like it has shifted dramatically in favor of Romney. Mitt Romney is not Obama’s problem, but he is the beneficiary of Obama’s problem. Romney’s surge is derivative, emanating from the growing “anybody but Obama” crowd. Wes Pruden describes the [...]

Watergate Was A Pimple Compared To Libya

The Libya mess continues to worsen. The Obama campaign is caught in a cover-up in which four American’s died. Comparisons to Watergate are absurd on two counts. In today’s political and ethical world, Watergate would be considered brilliant  political tactics, at least if it were done by a Democrat. More importantly, no one died in Watergate and the country was [...]

Investors Beware

The latest BLS report was questioned by Jack Welch for its incredibility. For that Mr. Welch was roundly criticized by the liberal media. It is their job to try to push their comatose and failing President across the finish line. Little Obama or his administration says will come under question unless it threatens the media’s survival. The Libyan fiasco, with four Americans [...]

Polling Bias has virtually called the Presidential race. They believe Mitt Romney will be the winner. According to them, the race is not close. Surprised? You should be if you don’t understand the corruption of the mainstream media and their pollsters. Almost every poll is terribly skewed in terms of over-weighting Democrats versus Republicans. Is it surprising that Obama polls better [...]

MSNBC Should Be Running Test Patterns

The sad saga of Chris Matthews continues. How much longer can this man stay employed? Watch what passes for a “talk show” with Matthews and Gingrich where Matthews sees everything through a racial prism. How does he have any audience at all? Answer: he practically doesn’t. MSNBC apparently considers him an improvement over running a Test Pattern in his time slot. [...]

Top 150

Monty Pelerin’s World was ranked in top 150 conservative websites. I don’t know what this means in the big picture of things, but I am grateful to my readers. I do not consider myself a conservative, but no one would consider me a liberal so I guess this list is where I belong. Thanks again to you readers who (somehow) [...]

The Recovery This Week

News items, all of which came out this week except for the last, provided by John Nolte: 1. Weekly jobless claims shot up to 386,000. 2. Foreclosures are hitting our most vulnerable citizens. 3. Factory activity contracted for a second month in a row. 4. Home sales dropped a whopping 5.4% – the biggest drop in nine months. 5. Retail sales dropped for the third straight month. 6. [...]

Free Markets and Obama May Bring Balance to The Mainstream Media

President Obama Obama is self-destructing in front of the world. Here is Conservative Black Chick’s take: This is the worst of times for President Obama.  He’s a president on the ropes, up for re-election in the worst economy since the Great Depression with no  successes to run on and a Supreme Court who may rule this month his signature initiative [...]