Joe Isuzu, Our President

Barack Obama is our Joe Isuzu President. Truth and integrity don’t matter. Joe was likable. Barack is not.

The Fruits Of Ignorance

Ignorance is what made an Obama possible. It is also what ensures that his successors will be worse.

Fama and Academic Musings

Congratulations to Eugene Fama who was recently awarded a Nobel prize in Economics. He just celebrated his fiftieth year at the University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business. Early in his teaching career, I had the privilege of taking a course from Mr. Fama. I also used to play intramural basketball games at lunchtime with and against him.  He was [...]

Reagan and Obama — Different Views Of Reality

At the beginning of this video Ronald Reagan explains why America prospered. What conditions Reagan believed (correctly in my opinion) responsible for our success is what Barack Obama is systematically removing or destroying. Our success derived from freedom and free markets which allowed the initiative and creativity of individuals to thrive. Our failure will occur with the removal of these [...]

Cancelling Your Vote

Here is an example of an “informed” and concerned citizen speaking out on a political issue. Assuming a conscientious, informed voter casts a ballot for X, voters like this one, can cancel that vote with the pull of a lever for Y. Democracy only works when the electorate is informed and cannot vote themselves benefits. H. L. Mencken and others had [...]

Bureaucracy No! Technology Yes!

Want to become healthier and drop the costs of medical care dramatically? De-regulate medicine. Get government out of the way! Watch this video to see one way how. The technology is here, substantially cheaper, more responsive and fits the average person’s lifestyle better than current delivery methods. Somehow I just don’t see this kind of innovation occurring in a government-run [...]

Gun Control Facts Raised by Thomas Sowell

The population has been so dumbed-down that liberal politicians can say almost anything they want so long as their compliant media is unwilling to expose them. Nowhere is this more apparent than the debate over guns and the efforts to “control” them. When campaigns to undertake some action, particularly one which shows contempt for the Constitution, are launched, facts, logic [...]

The Modern Idea of Scholarship

More on the cesspool that academia has become: The dire state of academia, part infinity – Louis Farrakhan is heading to campus, TheDC’s Caroline May reports: “Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan is scheduled to address students during a three-day visit at Tuskegee University this week, prompting the Anti-Defamation League to voice concerns about the ‘bigoted and anti-Semitic’ positions he has publicly [...]

How Do You Like These Odds?

Many of us shake our heads in both amazement and fear for the future of our country. What is being done is not new. History is replete with examples of power-crazed fools implementing similar schemes to develop their personal views of Utopia. None ever succeeded. All made matters worse. Now, Barack Obama is trying to convince you that he knows [...]

President Obama’s Next Excuse

His shameful behavior reveals just how much he cares about the people he pretends to help and the country he pretends to lead. President Obama is inept, mendacious and destructive. In my opinion, his has been a failed presidency. Jimmy Carter must be relieved to be off the hook as “worst president of my lifetime.” For the rest of us, [...]

Why Don’t People See?

I meet people that still believe that the world is fine. They believe things like: The US government has plenty of money. Government cares for its citizens. The economy cannot crash. We are not in a recession (Depression). The lives of their children will be better than their own. The government can continue to print money to fund promises they [...]