Lemonade From Lemons

Workfare not Welfare! That appears to be Richie Parker’s motto and he lives it in ways that society’s parasites can’t imagine. If anyone should be entitled to a safety net, Richie qualifies except that he refuses to participate. Life began as a lemon for Richie. He refused to be a victim and made lemonade our of his difficult circumstances. Watch this amazing [...]

George Will on America

A talk by George Will that should be required in every high school in this country was delivered before a college audience at BYU. It is long, valuable and entertaining. Enjoy! H/T Bob S.

Terminally Stupid

We are so screwed! This video asks some pretty simple questions. I am sure that many (perhaps some, maybe a few?) correct answers were edited out, but …! These kids went through 12 years of public (some private) schooling. What are they being taught and what, if anything, are they learning? The website at American University lists tuition costs at $21,000 [...]

Wimps Need Not Apply

The magazine cover to the right is not Michael Dukakis looking ridiculous in a helmet. This one is entirely believable and real. Hopefully our man-child president doesn’t try to match Putin with his wits or anything else he or we possess. Kind of makes you wish for the days of Ronald Reagan, Ike or Harry Truman, when presidents weren’t wimps. [...]

Black People Duped

Walter Williams is one of my favorite economists. He writes for the layperson, avoiding jargon but not common sense. It is truly a shame that more people don’t understand what he conveys below. Many that do are Democrats who pretend to “care,”  but do little more than advance their own political careers at the cost of ruining lives. (Emboldening not [...]

Liberalism Unmasked

There are reasons to be worried. Things are not right in America. Current conditions are unlike anything I have witnessed in my seven decades on this sphere. Here is a pretty good summation of what I feel: I don’t know if these are the last days, or just the last days of freedom, but our republic is now beset by [...]

Retirement Impossible For Many

We are now well into the ME and NOW generation. They grew up believing saving was unimportant and debt was a proper way to gain access to the pleasures that they couldn’t afford, didn’t really need but believed they were due. The insanity of this entitlement mentality wasn’t born in a vacuum. Government encouraged it every step of the way. [...]

Hayek, Obama and Serfdom

The Road To Serfdom Frederich Hayek’s “The Road to Serfdom” describes how societies deteriorate from prosperity to poverty and from liberty to authoritarianism. This instant classic described what Hayek saw in Germany and how he saw the same mistakes being repeated in Great Britain and the United States in the 1940s. According to Hayek, these mistakes would lead to a [...]

USA! USA! We’re Number 12!

The United States was founded upon a set of principles. Foremost among those principles was the notion that basic rights flowed from a Creator and not from government. The formation of a government was undertaken by our Founders knowing the evil that it potentially presented to Creator-granted rights and liberties. To combat this danger, they provided one of the greatest [...]

Public Schools are a National Disgrace

In response to the Tragedy of Public Schools, Brian Wilson responded with the following information, useful for those wanting to learn more: The seminal work explaining this tragedy in depth was written by Charlotte Iserbyt. In “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America”, she chronicles in paper-trail detail, the sordid history of America’s government training camps aka “public schools”. While other [...]